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LELIÈVRE H., RIVALAN P., DELMAS D., BALLOUARD J.M., BONNET X., BLOUIN-DEMERS G., LOURDAIS O. The thermoregulatory strategy of two sympatric colubrid snakes affects their demography. Population Ecology. 2013, 55, 585-593 (PDF)



BALLOUARD J.M., PROVOST G., BARRE D., BONNET X. Influence of a field trip on the attitude of schoolchildren toward unpopular organisms: an experience with snakes. Journal of Herpetology. 2012, 46, (3), 423-428 (PDF)



BALLOUARD J.M, BRISCHOUX F., BONNET X. Children prioritize virtual exotic biodiversity over local Biodiversity. Plos ONE. 2011, 6, (8), e23152 (PDF)



BALLOUARD J.M., PRIOL P., OISON J., CILIBERTI A., CADI A. Does reintroduction stabilize the population of the critically endangered gharial (Gavialis gangeticus, Gavialidae) in Chitwan National Park, Nepal? Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 2010, 20, 756-761 (PDF)


READING C.J., LUISELLI L.M., AKANI G.C., BONNET X., AMORI G., BALLOUARD J.M., FILIPPI E., NAULLEAU G., PEARSON D., RUGIERO L. Are snake populations in widespread decline? Biology Letters2010, 6, 777-780 (PDF)



BALLOUARD J.M., JOSEPH A., CADI A. New gharial nursery in Kasara breeding center. Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter. 2008, 27, (1),  16-19 (PDF)



BALLOUARD J.M., JOSEPH A., CADI A. Gharial conservation program (gavialis gangeticus) Nepal: note on population status in Bardia national park, december 2005 and april 2007. Crocodile specialist group newsletter. 2007, 26, (3), 9-10 (PDF)



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