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GUINET C., XING X., WALKER E., MONESTIEZ P., MARCHAND S., PICARD B., JAUD T., AUTHIER M., COTTÉ C., DRAGON A. C., DIAMOND E., ANTOINE D., LOVELL P., BLAIN S., D'ORTENZIO F., CLAUSTRE H. Calibration procedures and first data set of Southern Ocean chlorophyll a profiles collected by elephant seal equipped with a newly developed CTD-fluorescence tags. Earth System Science Data. 2013, 5, 15-29 (PDF)


NORDSTROM C. A., BATTAILE B. C., COTTÉ C., A. W. TRITES . Foraging habitats of lactating northern fur seals are structured by thermocline depths and submesoscale fronts in the eastern Bering Sea. Deep-Sea Research II. 2013, 88-89, 78-96 (PDF)



De MONTE S., COTTÉ C., D'OVIDIO F., LÉVY M., LE CORRE M., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Frigatebird behaviour at the ocean-atmosphere interface: integrating animal behaviour with multi-satellite data. Interface. 2012, 9, 3351-3358 (PDF)



COTTE C., GUINET C. The importance of a seasonal ice zone and krill density in the historical abundance of humpback whale catches in the Southern Ocean. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management. 2011, 3, 101-106 (PDF)


COTTE C., D'OVIDIO F., CHAIGNEAU A., LEVY M., TAUPIER-LETAGE I., MATE B., GUINET C. Scale-dependent interactions of Mediterranean whales with marine dynamics. Limnology and Oceanography. 2011, 56, (1), 219-232


DRAGON A.C., MARCHAND S., AUTHIER M., COTTE C., BLAIN S., GUINET C. Insights into the spatio-temporal productivity distribution in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean provided by satellite observations. In First symposium on The Kerguelen Plateau: Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries(Duhamel G. & Welsford D., eds), Paris: SFI. 2011, 57-67 (PDF)



BAILLEUL F., COTTÉ C., GUINET C. Mesoscale eddies as foraging area of a deep-diving predator, the southern elephant seal. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2010, 408, 251-264


COTTE C., GUINET C., TAUPIER-LETAGE I., PETIAU E. Habitat use and abundance of striped dolphins in the western Mediterranean Sea prior to the morbillivirus epizootic resurgence. Endangered Species Research. 2010, 12, 203-214 (PDF)


DELORD K., COTTE C., PERON C., MARTEAU C., PRUVOST P., GASCO N., DUHAMEL G., CHEREL Y., WEIMERSKIRCH H. At-sea distribution and diet of an endangered top predator: relationship between white-chinned petrels and commercial longline fisheries. Endangered Species Research. 2010, 13, 1-1 (PDF)



BOST C.A., COTTE C., BAILLEUL F., CHEREL Y., CHARRASSIN J.B., GUINET C., AINLEY D.G., WEIMERSKIRCH H.  The importance of oceanographic fronts to marine birds and mammals of the southern oceans. Special Issue on Processes at Oceanic Fronts of the Journal of Marine Systems (JMS-SIOF). Journal of Marine Systems. 2009, 78, 363-376 (PDF)


COTTE C., GUINET C., TAUPIER-LETAGE I., MATE B., PETIAU E. Scale-dependent habitat use by a large free-ranging predator, the mediterranean fin whale. Deep-Sea Research I . 2009, 56, 801-811 (PDF)



BARBRAUD C., COTTÉ C. Paradigms need hypothesis testing: no evidence for top-down forcing on Adélie and emperor penguin populations. Antarctic Science. 2008, 20, (4), 391-392 (PDF)


COTTÉ C., GUINET C. Historical whaling records reveal major regional retreat of Antarctic sea ice. Deep-Sea Research I. 2007, 54, (2), 243-252 (PDF)


COTTÉ C., PARK Y.H., GUINET C., BOST C.A. Movements of foraging king penguins through marine mesoscale eddies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2007, 274, 2385-2391 (PDF)



COTTÉ C., SIMARD Y. The formation of rich krill patches under tidal forcing at whale feeding ground hot spots in the St. Lawrence Estuary. Marine Ecologie Progress Series. 2005, 288, 199-210


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