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GUINET C., VACQUIE-GARCIA J., PICARD B., BESSIGNEUL G., LEBRAS Y., DRAGON A. C., VIVIANT M., ARNOULD J. P. Y., BAILLEUL F. Southern elephant seal foraging success in relation to temperature and light conditions: insight into prey distribution. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2014, 499, 285-301 (PDF)



GUINET C., XING X., WALKER E., MONESTIEZ P., MARCHAND S., PICARD B., JAUD T., AUTHIER M., COTTÉ C., DRAGON A. C., DIAMOND E., ANTOINE D., LOVELL P., BLAIN S., D'ORTENZIO F., CLAUSTRE H. Calibration procedures and first data set of Southern Ocean chlorophyll a profiles collected by elephant seal equipped with a newly developed CTD-fluorescence tags. Earth System Science Data. 2013, 5, 15-29 (PDF)



AUTHIER M., DRAGON A-C., CHEREL Y., GUINET C. How large is large: estimating ecologically meaningful differences in observational studies of wild animals. Rapid Communication Mass Spectrometry. 2012, 26, 2657-2664 (PDF)


AUTHIER M., DRAGON A.C., RICHARD P., CHEREL Y., GUINET C. O’ mother where wert thou? Maternal strategies in the southern elephant seal: a stable isotope investigation. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. 2012, 279, 2681-2690 (PDF)


DRAGON A.C., BAR-HEN A., MONESTIEZ P., GUINET C. Horizontal and vertical movements as predictors of foraging success in a marine predator. Marine Ecologie Progress Series. 2012, 447, 243-257 (PDF)


DRAGON A.C., BAR-HEN A., MONESTIEZ P., GUINET C. Comparative analysis of methods for inferring successful foraging areas from Argos and GPS tracking data. Marine Ecologie Progress Series. 2012, 452, 253-267 (PDF)


VACQUIĖ-GARCIA J., ROYER. F., DRAGON A.C., VIVIANT M., BAILLEUL F., GUINET C. Foraging in the darkness of the southern ocean: influence of bioluminescence on a deep diving predator. Plos One. 2012, 7, (8), e43565 (PDF)



DRAGON A.C., MARCHAND S., AUTHIER M., COTTE C., BLAIN S., GUINET C. Insights into the spatio-temporal productivity distribution in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean provided by satellite observations. In First symposium on The Kerguelen Plateau: Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries(Duhamel G. & Welsford D., eds), Paris: SFI. 2011, 57-67 (PDF)



DRAGON A.C., MONESTIEZ P., BAR-HEN A., GUINET C. Linking foraging behaviour to physical oceanographic structures: Southern elephant seals and mesoscale eddies east of Kerguelen Islands. Progress in Oceanography. 2010, 87, 61-71 (PDF)

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