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ANGELIER F., COSTANTINI D., BLEVIN P., CHASTEL O. Do glucocorticoids mediate the link between environmental conditions and telomere dynamics in wild vertebrates? A review. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2018, 256, 99-111  (PDF)

ANGELIER F., PARENTEAU C., TROUVÉ C., ANGELIER N. The behavioural and physiological stress responses are linked to plumage coloration in the rock pigeon (Columbia livia). Physiology and Behavior. 2018, 184, 261-267 (PDF)

CHATELAIN M., GASPARINI J., FRANTZ A., ANGELIER F. Reproduction impairments in metal-polluted environments and parental hormones: no evidence for a causal association in an experimental study in breeding feral pigeons exposed to lead and zinc. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 2018, 161, 746-754 (PDF)

DUPONT S., BARBRAUD C., CHASTEL O., DELORD K., RUAULT S., WEIMERSKIRCH H., ANGELIER F. Young parents produce offspring with short telomeres: A study in a long-lived bird, the Black-browed albatross (Thalassarche melanophrys). Plos One. 2018, 13, (3), e0193526 (PDF)

GRACE J. K., FROUD L., MEILLERE A., ANGELIER F. Corrigendum to [“House sparrows mitigate growth effects of post-natal glucocorticoid exposure at the expense of longevity”. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2017, 253, 1-12] -  General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2018, 255, 102 (PDF)


BIARD C., BRISCHOUX F., MEILLERE A., MICHAUD B., NIVIERE M., RUAULT S., VAUGOYEAU M., ANGELIER F. Growing in cities: an urban penalty for wild birds? a study of phenotypic differences between urban and rural great tit chicks (Parus major). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 2017, 5, 79 (PDF)

BLEVIN P., TARTU S., ELLIS H. I., CHASTEL O., BUSTAMANTE P., PARENTEAU C., HERZKE D., ANGELIER F., GABRIELSEN G. W. Contaminants and energy expenditure in an Arctic seabird: Organochlorine pesticides and perfluoroalkyl substances are associated with metabolic rate in a contrasted manner. Environmental Research. 2017, 157, 118-126 (PDF)

BLEVIN P., ANGELIER F., TARTU S., BUSTAMANTE P., HERZKE D., MOE B., BECH C., GABRIELSEN G. W., BUSTNES J. O., CHASTEL O. Perfluorinated substances and telomeres in an Arctic seabird: Cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches. Environmental Pollution. 2017, 230, 360-367 (PDF)

BRISCHOUX F., MEILLERE A., DUPOUE A., LOURDAIS O., ANGELIER F. Traffic noise decreases nestlings’ metabolic rates in an urban exploiter. Journal of Avian Biology. 2017, 48, 905-909 (PDF)

DUPOUÉ A., RUTSCHMANN A., LE GALLIARD J-F., CLOBERT J., ANGELIER F., MARCIAU C., RUAULT S., MILES D., MEYLAN S. Shorter telomeres precede population extinction in wild lizards. Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group. 2007, 7, 16976 (PDF)

GRACE J. K, MARTIN-GOUSSET L., ANGELIER F. Delayed effect of early-life corticosterone treatment on adult anti-predator behavior in a common passerine. Physiology & Behavior. 2017, 177, 82-90 (PDF)

GRACE J. K., FROUD L., MEILLERE A., ANGELIER F. House sparrows mitigate growth effects of post-natal glucocorticoid exposure at the expense of longevity. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2017, 253, 1-12  (PDF)

MEILLERE A., BRISCHOUX F., HENRY P.-Y., MICHAUD B., GARCIN R., ANGELIER F. Growing in a city: Consequences on body size and plumage quality in an urban dweller, the house sparrow (Passer domesticus). Landscape and Urban Planning. 2017, 160, 127-138 (PDF)


SEBASTIANO M., EENS M., ANGELIER F., PINEAU K., CHASTEL O., COSTANTINI D. Corticosterone, inflammation, immune status and telomere length in frigatebird nestlings facing a severe herpesvirus infection. Conservation Physiology. 2017, 5, (PDF)

STIER A., DUPOUE A., PICARD D., ANGELIER F., BRISCHOUX F., LOURDAIS O. Oxidative stress in aspic vipers facing pregnancy and water constraints. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2017, 220, (10), 1792-1796 (PDF)



ANGELIER F., PARENTEAU C., RUAULT S., ANGELIER N. Endocrine consequences of an acute stress under different thermal conditions: a study of corticosterone, prolactin, and thyroid hormones in the pigeon (Columbia livia). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A. 2016, 196, 38-45 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., PARENTEAU C., TROUVE C., ANGELIER N. Does the stress response predict the ability of wild birds to adjust to short-term captivity? A study of the rock pigeon (Columbia livia). Royal Society Open Science. 2016, 3, 160840 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., WINGFIELD J.C., TARTU S., CHASTEL O. Does prolactin mediate parental and life-history decisions in response to environmental conditions in birds? A review. Hormones and Behavior. 2016, 77, 18-29 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., MEILLÈRE A., GRACE J. K., TROUVÉ C., BRISCHOUX F. No evidence for an effect of traffic noise on the development of the corticosterone stress response in an urban exploiter. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2016, 232, 43-50 (PDF)


BLÉVIN P., ANGELIER F., TARTU S., RUAULT S., BUSTAMANTE P., HERZKE D., MOE B., BECH C., GABRIELSEN G. W., BUSTNES JAN O., CHASTEL O. Exposure to oxychlordane is associated with shorter telomeres in arctic breeding kittiwakes. Science of The Total Environment. 2016, 563–564, 125-130 (PDF)


BRISCHOUX F., DUPOUE A., LOURDAIS O., ANGELIER F. Effects of mild wintering conditions on body mass and corticosterone levels in a temperate reptile, the aspic viper (Vipera aspis). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A. 2016, 192, 52–56 (PDF)


DUPOUE A., ANGELIER F., BRISCHOUX F., DENARDO D. F., TROUVE C., PARENTEAU C., LOURDAIS O. Water deprivation increases maternal corticosterone levels and enhances offspring growth in the snake Vipera aspis. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2016, 219, 658-667 (PDF)


GUILLOT H., BOISSINOT A., ANGELIER F., LOURDAIS O., BONNET X., BRISCHOUX F. Landscape influences the morphology of male common toads (Bufo bufo). Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 2016, 233, 106-110 (PDF)


LORIOUX S., ANGELIER F., LOURDAIS O. Are glucocorticoids good indicators of pregnancy constraints in a capital breeder? General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2016, 232, 125-133 (PDF)


MEILLERE A., BRISCHOUX F., BUSTAMANTE P., MICHAUD B., PARENTEAU C., MARCIAU C., ANGELIER F. Corticosterone levels in relation to trace element contamination along an urbanization gradient in the common blackbird (Turdus merula). Science of the Total Environment. 2016, 566-567, 93-101 (PDF)

SIMIDE R., ANGELIER F., GAILLARD S., STIER A. Age and heat stress as determinants of telomere length in a long-lived fish, the Siberiansturgeon. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 2016, 89, (5)  (PDF)

TARTU S., BUSTAMANTE P., ANGELIER F., LENDVAI A. Z., MOE B., BLÉVIN P., BECH C., GABRIELSEN G. W., BUSTNES J. O., CHASTEL O. Mercury exposure, stress and prolactin secretion in an Arctic seabird: an experimental study. Functional Ecology. 2016, 30, 596-604 (PDF)




ANGELIER F., VLECK C. M., HOLBERTON R. L., MARRA P. P. Bill size correlates with Telomere length in male American redstarts. Journal of Ornithology. 2015, 156, 525-531 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., WINGFIELD J.C., PARENTEAU C., PELLÉ M., CHASTEL O. Does short-term fasting lead to stressed-out parents? A study of incubation commitment and the hormonal stress responses and recoveries in snow petrels. Hormones and Behavior. 2015, 67, 28-37 (PDF)


BRISCHOUX F., ANGELIER F. Academia’s never-ending selection for productivity. Scientometrics. 2015, 103, 333-336 (PDF)


BRISCHOUX F., LENDVAI  A., BOKONI V., CHASTEL O., ANGELIER F. Marine lifestyle is associated with higher baseline corticosterone levels in birds. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 2015, 115, 154-161 (PDF)


DUPOUÉ A., BRISCHOUX F., ANGELIER F., DENARDO D., WRIGHT C., LOURDAIS O. Intergenerational trade-off for water may induce a mother-offspring conflict in favour of embryos in a viviparous snake. Functional Ecology. 2015, 29, 414-422 (PDF)


GOUTTE A., BARBRAUD C., HERZKE D., BUSTAMANTE P., ANGELIER F., TARTU S., CLÉMENT-CHASTEL C., MOE B., BECH C., GABRIELSEN G. W., BUSTNES J. O., CHASTEL O. Survival rate and breeding outputs in a high Arctic seabird exposed to legacy persistent organic pollutants and mercury. Environmental Pollution. 2015, 200, 1-9 (PDF)


LENDVAI A. Z., GIRAUDEAU M., BOKONY V., ANGELIER F., CHASTEL O. Within-individual plasticity explains age-related decrease in stress response in a short-lived bird. Biology Letters. 2015, 11, (7), 20150272 (PDF)


MEILLERE A., BRISCHOUX F., ANGELIER F. Impact of chronic noise exposure on anti-predator behavior: An experiment in breeding House sparrows. Behavioral Ecology. 2015, 26, (2), 569-577 (PDF)


MEILLERE A., BRISCHOUX F., PARENTEAU C., ANGELIER F. Influence of urbanization on body size, condition and physiology in an urban exploiter: a multi-component approach. PLoS ONE. 2015, 10, (8), e0135685 (PDF)


MEILLERE A., BRISCHOUX F., RIBOUT C., ANGELIER F. Traffic noise exposure affects telomere length in nestling house sparrows. Biology Letters. 2015, 11, 20150559 (PDF)


ROPERT-COUDERT Y., KATO A., MEYER X., PELLÉ M., MACINTOSH A., ANGELIER F., CHASTEL O., WIDMANN M., ARTHUR B., RAYMOND B., RACLOT T. A complete breeding failure in an Adélie penguin colony correlates with unusual and extreme environmental events. Ecography. 2015, 38, 111-113 (PDF)


TARTU S., ANGELIER F., WINGFIELD J.C., BUSTAMANTE P., LABADIE P., BUDZINSKI H., WEIMERSKIRCH H., BUSTNES J.O., CHASTEL O. Corticosterone, prolactin and egg neglect behaviour in relation to mercury and legacy POPs in a long-lived Antarctic bird. Science of the Total environment. 2015, 505, 180-188 (PDF)


TARTU S., ANGELIER F., BUSTNES J.O., MOE B., HANSSEN S.A., HERZKE D., GABRIELSEN G.W., VERBOVEN N., VERREAULT J., LABADIE P.,  BUDZINSKI H., WINGFIELD J.C., CHASTEL O. Polychlorinated biphenyl exposure and corticosterone levels in seven polar seabird species. Environmental Pollution. 2015, 197, 173-180 (PDF)


WIDMANN M., KATO A., RAYMOND B., ANGELIER F., ARTHUR B., CHASTEL O., PELLÉ M., RACLOT T., ROPERT-COUDERT Y. Habitat use and sex-specific foraging behaviour of Adélie penguins throughout the breeding season in Adélie Land, East Antarctica. Movement Ecology. 2015, 3, 30-40 (PDF)



BLÉVIN P., TARTU S., ANGELIER F., LECLAIRE S., BUSTNES J.O., MOE B., HERZKE D., GABRIELSEN G.W., CHASTEL O. Integument colouration in relation to persistent organic pollutants and body condition in arctic breeding black-legged kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla). Science of The Total Environment. 2014, 470-471, 248–254 (PDF)


DUPOUÉ A., ANGELIER F., LOURDAIS O., BONNET X., BRISCHOUX F. Effect of water deprivation on baseline and stress-induced corticosterone levels in the Children’s python (Antaresia childreni). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A. 2014, 168, 11-16 (PDF)


GOUTTE A., ANGELIER F., BECH C., CLÉMENT-CHASTEL C., DELL’OMO G., GABRIELSEN G. W., LENDVAI Á. Z., MOE B., NOREEN E., PINAUD D., TARTU S., CHASTEL O. Annual variation in the timing of breeding, pre-breeding foraging areas and corticosterone levels in an Arctic population of black-legged kittiwakes. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2014, 496, 233-247 (PDF)


LELOUTRE C., GOUZERH A., ANGELIER F. Hard to fly the nest: a study of body condition and plumage quality in house sparrow fledglings. Current Zoology. 2014, 60, (4), 449-459 (PDF)


TARTU S., ANGELIER F., HERZKE D., MOE B., BECH C., GABRIELSEN G.W., BUSTNES J.O., CHASTEL O. The stress of being contaminated? Adrenocortical function and reproduction in relation to persistent organic pollutants in female Black-legged kittiwakes. Science of the Total Environment. 2014, 476-477, 553-560 (PDF)



ANGELIER F., WINGFIELD J.C. Importance of the glucocorticoid stres response in a changing world: theory, hypotheses and perspectives. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2013, 190, 118-128 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., VLECK C. M., HOLBERTON R. L., MARRA P. P. Telomere length, non-breeding habitat and return rate in male American redstarts. Functional Ecology. 2013, 27, 342-350 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., WINGFIELD J. C., TROUVE C., DE GRISSAC S., CHASTEL O. Modulation of the prolactin and the corticosterone stress responses: Do they tell the same story in a long-lived bird, the Cape petrel? General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2013,182, 7-15 (PDF)


DUPOUÉ A., BRISCHOUX F., LOURDAIS O., ANGELIER F. Influence of temperature on the corticosterone stress-response: an experiment in the Children's python (Antaresia childreni). General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2013, 193, 178-184 (PDF)


LENDVAI A.Z., BOKONY V., ANGELIER F., CHASTEL O., SOL D. Do smart birds stress less? An interspecific relationship between brain size and corticosterone levels. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2013, 280, 20131734 (PDF)


TARTU S., GOUTTE A., BUSTAMANTE P., ANGELIER F., MOE B., CLÉMENT-CHASTEL C., BECH C.,  GABRIELSEN G. W., BUSTNES J. O., CHASTEL O. To breed or not to breed:  endocrine response to mercury contamination by an Arctic seabird. Biologie Letters. 2013, 9, (4), 20130317 (PDF)



ANGELIER F. Reviews: Hormones and reproduction of vertebrates, Volume 4 - Birds (D.O. Norris & K.H.Lopez). Marine Ornithology. 2012, 40, (1), 76-80 (PDF)


MERRILL L., ANGELIER F., O'LOGHLEN A.L., ROTHSTEIN S.I., WINGFIELD J.C. Sex-specific variation in brown-headed cowbird immunity following acute stress: a mechanistic approach. Oecologia. 2012, 170, 25-38 (PDF)



ANGELIER F., WEIMERSKIRCH H., CHASTEL O. Capture and blood sampling do not affect foraging behaviour, breeding success and return rate of a large seabird: the black-browed albatross. Polar Biology. 2011, 34, 353-361 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., TONRA C.M., HOLBERTON R.L., MARRA P.P. Short-term changes in body condition in relation to habitat and rainfall abundance in American redstarts Setophaga ruticilla during the non-breeding season. Journal of Avian Biology. 2011, 42, 335-341 (PDF)


ANGELIER F., BALLENTINE B., HOLBERTON R.L., MARRA P.P., GREENBERG R.  What drive variations in the corticosterone stress response between subspecies? A common garden experiment of Swamp sparrows (Melospiza georgiana). Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 2011, 24, 1274-1283 (PDF)


WINGFIELD J.C., KELLEY J.P., ANGELIER F. What are extreme environmental conditions and how do organisms cope with them? Current Zoology. 2011, 57, (3), 363-374 (PDF)


WINGFIELD J.C., KELLEY J.P., ANGELIER F., CHASTEL O., LEI F., LYNN S.E., MINER B., DAVIS J.E., LI DONGMING, WANG G. Organism-environment interactions in a changing world: a mechanistic approach. Journal of Ornithology. 2011, 152, (1), S279-S288 (PDF)



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GOUTTE A., ANGELIER F., CLÉMENT-CHASTEL C., TROUVÉ C., MOEC B., BECH C., GABRIELSEN G.W., CHASTEL O. Stress and the timing of breeding: Glucocorticoid-luteinizing hormones relationships in an arctic seabird. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2010, 169, 108–116 (PDF)


GOUTTE A., ANGELIER F., WELCKER J., MOEC B., CLÉMENT-CHASTEL C., GABRIELSEN G.W., BECH C., CHASTEL O. Long-term survival effect of corticosterone manipulation in Black-legged kittiwakes. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2010, 167, 246-251 (PDF)



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ANGELIER F., GIRAUDEAU M., BOST C.A., LE BOUARD F., CHASTEL O. Are stress hormone levels a good proxy of foraging success? An experiment with King penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2009, 212, 2824-2829 (PDF)


BOKONY V., LENDVAI A.Z., LICKER A., ANGELIER F., WINGFIELD J.C., CHASTEL O. Stress response and the value of reproduction: are birds prudent parents? The American Naturalist. 2009, 173, (5), (PDF)


MOE B., STEMPNIEWICZ L., JAKUBAS D., ANGELIER F., CHASTEL O., DINESSEN F., GABRIELSEN G.W., HANSSEN F., KARNOVSKY N., RØNNING B., WELCKER J., WOJCZULANIS-JAKUBAS K., BECH C. Climate change and phenological responses of two seabird species breeding in the high-Arctic. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2009, 393, 235-246 (PDF)


POISBLEAU M., DEMONGIN L., ANGELIER F., DANO S., LACROIX A., QUILLFELDT P. What ecological factors can affect albumen corticosterone levels in the clutches of seabirds? Timing of breeding, disturbance and laying order in rockhopper penguins (Eudyptes chrysocome chrysocome). General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2009, 162, (2), 139-145 (PDF)



ANGELIER F., BOST C.A., GIRAUDEAU M., BOUTELOUP G., DANO S., CHASTEL O. Corticosterone and foraging behavior in a diving seabird: the Adélie penguin, Pygoscelis adeliae. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2008, 156, 134-144 (PDF)



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