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ARSOVSKI D., TOMOVIĆ L., GOLUBOVIĆ A., NIKOLIĆ S., STERIJOVSKI B., AJTIĆ R., BALLOUARD J.-M., BONNET X. When carapace governs size: variation among age classes and individuals in a free-ranging ectotherm with delayed maturity. Oecologia. 2018, 186, (4), 953-963 (PDF)


GOLUBOVIC A., ARSOVSKI D., TOMOVIC L., BONNET X. Is sexual brutality maladaptive under high population density? Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 2018, 124, (3), 394-402 (PDF)



GOLUBOVIC A., ANDELKOVIC M., ARSOVSKI D., BONNET X., TOMOVIC L. Locomotor performances reflect habitat constraints in an armoured species. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 2017, 71, 93 (PDF)



BONNET X.,  GOLUBOVIĆB A., ARSOVSKIC D., ĐORĐEVIĆ S., BALLOUARD J.-M., STERIJOVSKIC B., AJTIĆ R., BARBRAUD C., TOMOVIĆ L. The prison effect in a wild population: a scarcity of females induces homosexual behaviors in males. Behavioral Ecology. 2016, 27, (4), 1206-1215 (PDF)


CAYUELA H., BOUALIT L., ARSOVSKI D., BONNAIRE E., PICHENOT J., BELLEC A., ... & BESNARD A. Does habitat unpredictability promote the evolution of a colonizer syndrome in amphibian metapopulations? Ecology. 2016, 97, 2658-2670.


CAYUELA H., ARSOVSKI D., THIRION J. M., BONNAIRE E., PICHENOT J., BOITAUD S., ... & BESNARD A. Demographic responses to weather fluctuations are context dependent in a long‐lived amphibian. Global Change Biology. 2016, 22, 2676-2687


CAYUELA H., ARSOVSKI D., THIRION J. M., BONNAIRE E., PICHENOT J., BOITAUD S., ... & BESNARD A. Contrasting patterns of environmental fluctuation contribute to divergent life histories among amphibian populations. Ecology. 2016, 97, 980-991


CAYUELA H., ARSOVSKI D., BONNAIRE E., DUGUET R., JOLY P., BESNARD A. The impact of severe drought on survival, fecundity, and population persistence in an endangered amphibian. Ecosphere. 2016, 7 - https://doi.org/10.1002/ecs2.1246



CAYUELA H., ARSOVSKI D., BOITAUD S., BONNAIRE E., BOUALIT L., MIAUD C., ... & BESNARD A. Slow life history and rapid extreme flood: demographic mechanisms and their consequences on population viability in a threatened amphibian. Freshwater biology. 2015, 60, 2349-2361



ARSOVSKI D., AJTIC R., GOLUBOVIC A., TRAJCESKA I., ĐORDEVIC S., ANDELKOVIC M., ... & TOMOVIĆ L. Two fangs good, a hundred legs better: juvenile viper devoured by an adult centipede it had ingested. Ecologica Montenegrina. 2014, 1, 6-8


GOLUBOVIĆ A., ANDJELKOVIĆ M., ARSOVSKI D., VUJOVIĆ A., IKOVIĆ V., DJORDJEVIĆ S., TOMOVIĆ L. Skills or strength—how tortoises cope with dense vegetation? Acta Ethologica. 2014, 17, 141-147



AJTIĆ R., TOMOVIĆ R., STERIJOVSKI B., CRNOBRNJA-ISAILOVIĆ J., DJORDJEVIĆ S., DJURAKIĆ M., GOLUBOVIĆ A., SIMOVIĆ A., ARSOVSKI D., ANDJELKOVIC M., KRSTIC M., ŠUKALO G., GVOZDENOVIC S.,  AÏDAM A., MICHEL C.L., BALLOUARD J.M., BONNET X. Unexpected life history traits in a very dense population of dice snakes. Zoologischer Anzeiger. 2013, 252, 350-358 (PDF)


GOLUBOVIĆ A., ARSOVSKI D., AJTIĆ R., TOMOVIĆ L., BONNET X. Moving in the real world: tortoises take the plunge to cross steep steps. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 2013, 108, 719-726 (PDF)



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