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CHEREL Y., PARENTEAU C., BUSTAMANTE P., BOST C.-A. Stable isotopes document the winter foraging ecology of king penguins and highlight connectivity between subantarctic and Antarctic ecosystems. Ecology and Evolution. 2018, 8, 2752-2765 (PDF)

FISCHER J. H., DEBSKI I., MISKELLY C. M., BOST C.-A., FROMANT A., TENNYSON A. J. D., TESSLER J., COLE R., HISCOCK J. H., TAYLOR G. A., WITTMER H. U. Analyses of phenotypic differentiations among South Georgian Diving Petrel (Pelecanoides georgicus) populations reveal an undescribed and highly endangered species from New Zealand. PLoS ONE. 2018, 13, (6), e0197766 (PDF)


WEIMERSKIRCH H., LE BOUARD F., RYAN P. G., BOST C.-A. Massive decline of the world's largest king penguin colony at Ile aux Cochons, Crozet. Antarctic Science. 2018, 30, (4), 236-242 (PDF)


CAMPRASSE E. C. M., CHEREL Y., ARNOULD J. P. Y., HOSKINS A. J., BOST C.-A. Combined bio-logging and stable isotopes reveal individual specialisations in a benthic coastal seabird, the Kerguelen shag. Plos One. 2017, 12, (3), e0172278 (PDF)

CAMPRASSE E. C. M., CHEREL Y., BUSTAMANTE P., ARNOULD J.P.Y., BOST C.-A. Intra- and inter-individual variation in the foraging ecology of a generalist subantarctic seabird, the Gentoo penguin. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Theme Section : « Individual variability in seabird foraging and migration ». 2017, 1-16 (PDF)

CAMPRASSE E., CHEREL Y., ARNAUD J. P. Y., HOSKINS A. J., BUSTAMANTE P., BOST C.-A. Mate similarity in foraging Kerguelen shags: a combined bio-logging and stable isotope investigation. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2017, 578, 183-196 (PDF)

DELLA PENNA A., KOUBBI P., COTTE C., BON C., BOST C.-A., D'OVIDIO F. Lagrangian analysis of multi-satellite data in support of open ocean Marine Protected Area design. Deep Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography. 2017, 140, 212-221 (PDF)

ENSTIPP M. R., BOST C.-A., LE BOHEC C., BOST C., LE MAHO Y., WEIMERSKIRCH H., HANDRICH Y. Apparent changes in body insulation of juvenile king penguins suggest an energetic challenge during their early life at sea. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2017, 220, 2666-2678 (PDF)

POUPART T. A., WAUGH S. M., BOST C., BOST C.-A., DENNIS T., LANE R., ROGERS K., SUGISHITA J., TAYLOR G. A., WILSON K.-J., ZHANG J., ARNOULD J. P. Y. Variability in the foraging range of Eudyptula minor across breeding sites in central New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Zoology. 2017, 44 (3), 225-244

THIERS L., DELORD K., BOST C.-A., GUINET C., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Important marine sectors for the top predator community around Kerguelen Archipelago. Polar Biology. 2017, 40, 365-378 (PDF)




SCHEFFER A., TRATHAN P. N., EDMONSTON J. G., BOST C.-A. Combined influence of meso-scale circulation and bathymetry on the foraging behaviour of a diving predator, the king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus). Progress in Oceanography. 2016, 141, 1-16 (PDF)


SHIOMI K., SATO K., HANDRICH Y., BOST C.-A. Diel shift of king penguin swim speeds in relation to light intensity changes. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2016, 561, 233-243 (PDF)


YONEHARA Y., GOTO Y., YODA K., WATANUKI Y., YOUNG L. C., WEIMERSKIRCH H., BOST. C.-A., SATO K. Flight paths of seabirds soaring over the ocean surface enable measurement of fine-scale wind speed and direction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2016, 113, (32), 9039-9044 (PDF)




BARBRAUD C., BOST C.-A., CHEREL Y., DELORD K., GUINET C., JENOUVRIER S., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Changement climatique : Impacts sur les écosystèmes marins en Antarctique et Subantarctique. Le Courrier de la Nature. 2015, 291, 30-37 (PDF)


BON C., PENNA A. D., D’OVIDIO F., ARNOULD J. P. Y., BOST C.-A. Influence of oceanographic structures on foraging strategies: Macaroni penguins at Crozet. Movement Ecology. 2015, 3, 32-43 (PDF)


BOST C.-A., COTTÉ C., TERRAY P., BARBRAUD C., BON C., DELORD K., GIMENEZ O., HANDRICH Y., NAITO Y., GUINET C., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Large-scale climatic anomalies affect marine predator foraging behaviour and demography. Nature Communications. 2015, 6, 8220 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.-B., BOST C.-A., DEHNHARD N., DEMONGIN L., EENS M., LEPOINT G., CHEREL Y., POISBLEAU M. Mates but not sexes differ in migratory niche in a monogamous penguin species. Biology Letters. 2015, 11, 20150429 (PDF)


TRATHAN P. N., GARCIA-BORBOROGLU P., BOERSMA D., BOST C.-A., CRAWFORD R. J. M., CROSSIN G. T., CUTHBERT R. J., DANN P., DAVIS L. S., DE LA PUENTE S., ELLENBERG U., LYNCH H. J., MATTERN T., PUTZ K., SEDDON P. J., TRIVELPIECE W., WIENECKE B. C. Pollution, habitat loss, fishing, and climate change as critical threats to penguins. Conservation Biology. 2015, 29, 31-41 (PDF)




DELORD K., BARBRAUD C., BOST C.-A., DECEUNINCK B., LEFEBVRE T., LUTZ R., MICOL T., PHILLIPS R.A., TRATHAN P.N., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Areas of importance for seabirds tracked from French Southern Territories, and recommendations for conservation. Marine Policy. 2014, 48, 1-13 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.-B., AUTHIER M., TRATHAN P. N., BOST C.-A. Gentlemen first? ‘Broken stick’ modelling reveals sex-related homing decision date in migrating seabirds. Journal of Zoology. 2014, 292, 25-30 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.-B., CHEREL Y., ACQUEBERGE M., PRUDOR A., TRATHAN P.N., BOST C.-A. Adjustment of pre-moult foraging strategies in Macaroni Penguins Eudyptes chrysolophus according to locality, sex and breeding status. Ibis. 2014, 156, 511-522 (PDF)


TRATHAN P. N., GARCIA-BORBOROGLU P., BOERSMA D., BOST C.-A., CRAWFORD R. J. M., CROSSIN G. T., CUTHBERT R. J., DANN P., SPENCER DAVIS L., DE LA PUENTE S., ELLENBERG U., LYNCH H. J., MATTERN T., PÜTZ K., SEDDON P. J., TRIVELPIECE W., WIENECKE B. Pollution, habitat loss, fishing, and climate change as critical threats to penguins. Conservation Biology. 2014, 00, (0), 1–11 (PDF)



COOK T. R., LESCROEL A., CHEREL Y., KATO A., BOST C.-A. Can foraging ecology drive the evolution of body size in a diving endotherm? Plos One.  2013, 8, (2),  e56297 (PDF)


FORTIN M., BOST C.-A., MAES P., BARBRAUD C. The demography and ecology of the European shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis in Mor Braz, France. Aquatic Living Resources.  2013, 26, (2), 179-185 (PDF)


GALLON S., BAILLEUL F., CHARRASSIN J.-B., GUINET C., BOST C.-A., HANDRICH Y., HINDELL M. Identifying foraging events in deep diving southern elephant seals, Mirounga leonina, using acceleration data loggers. Deep-Sea Research II. 2013, 88-89, 14-22 (PDF)


HANUISE N., BOST C.A., HANDRICH Y. Optimizing travel time to foraging depths: testing predictions in a deep diver, the king penguin. Journal of Zoology (London). 2013, 290, (3), 181-191


THIEBOT J.-B., AUTHIER M., TRATHAN P. N., BOST C.A. No place like home: scientists discover that male crested penguins head home earlier than females. Mongabay, October 8, 2013 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.-B., LESCROËL A., BARBRAUD C., BOST C.-A. Three-dimensional use of marine habitats by juvenile Emperor penguins Aptenodytes forsteri during post-natal dispersal. Antarctic Science. 2013, 25, (4), 536-544 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., CHEREL Y., CRAWFORD R.J.M., MAKHADO A.B., TRATHAN P. N., PINAUD D., BOST C.A. A space oddity: geographic and specific modulation of migration in Eudyptes penguins. PLoS One. 2013, 8, (8), e71429 (PDF)



PÉRON C., WEIMERSKIRCH H., BOST C.A. Projected poleward shift of king penguins' (Aptenodytes patagonicus) foraging range at the Crozet Islands, southern Indian Ocean. Proceedings Royal Society London (B). 2012, 279, 2515-2523 (PDF)


PITMAN R.L., BALLANCE L.T., BOST C.A. Incidence of wing deformities (“angel wing”) among masked boobies at Clipperton island: life history consequences and insight into etiology. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 2012, 124, (3), 597-602 (PDF)


SCHEFFER A., BOST C.A., TRATHAN P. Frontal zones, temperature gradient and depth characterize the foraging habitat of king penguins at South Georgia. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2012, 465, 281-297 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., CHEREL Y., TRATHAN, BOST C.A. Coexistence of oceanic predators on wintering areas explained by population-scale foraging segregation in space or time. Ecology. 2012, 93, (1), 122-130 (PDF)


WEIMERSKIRCH H., BERTRAND S., SILVA J., BOST C.A., PERALTILLA S. Foraging in Guanay cormorant and Peruvian booby, the major guano-producing seabirds in the Humboldt Current System. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2012, 458, 231-245 (PDF)



BOST C.A., GOARAND A., SCHEFFER A., KOUBBI P., DUHAMEL G., CHARRASSIN J.B. Foraging habitat and performances of King penguins Aptenodytes patagonicus, Miller, 1778 at Kerguelen islands in relation to climatic variability. In: The Kerguelen Plateau: Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries, (Duhamel G. & Welsford D. Eds). Société d’Ichtyologie. 2011, 199-202 (PDF)


COTTE C., DELORD K, PERON C., BOST C.A., DUHAMEL G., PRUVOST P., GASCO N., MARTIN A.,  WEIMERSKIRCH H. Interactions between seabirds and fisheries in the French EEZs: implications for conservation and management. In: The Kerguelen Plateau: Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries, (Duhamel G. & Welsford D. Eds). Société d’Ichtyologie. 2011, 291-292


HINDELL M.A., BOST C.A., CHARRASSIN J.B., GALES N., LEA M.A., GOLDSWORTHY S., PAGE B., ROBERTSON G., WIENECKE W., O’TOOLE M., GUINET C. Foraging habitats of top predators, and areas of ecological significance, on the Kerguelen Plateau.  In: The Kerguelen Plateau: marine ecosystem and fisheries, (Duhamel G. & Welsford D. Eds). Société d’Ichtyologie. 2011, 203-215 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., CHEREL Y., TRATHAN P.N., BOST C.A. Inter-population segregation in the wintering areas of macaroni penguins. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2011, 421, 279-290 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., LESCROEL A., PINAUD D., TRATHAN P.N., BOST C.A. Larger foraging range but similar habitat selection in non-breeding versus breeding sub-Antarctic penguins. Antarctic Science. 2011, 23, (3), 117-126 (PDF)


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HALSEY L.G., BUTLER P.J., FAHLMAN A., BOST C.A., HANDRICH Y. Changes in the foraging dive behaviour and energetics of king penguins through summer and autumn: a month by month analysis. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2010, 401, 279–289 (PDF)


HANUISE N., BOST C.A., HUIN W., AUBERT A., HALSEY L.G., HANDRICH Y. Measuring feeding activity in a deep diving bird: comparing wiggles, oesophageal temperatures and beak-opening angles as proxies of feeding. The Journal of Experimental Biology. 2010, 213, 3874-3880 (PDF)


RAYA REY A., BOST C.A., SCHIAVINI A., PÜTZ K. Foraging movements of Magellanic Penguins Spheniscus magellanicus in the Beagle Channel, Argentina, related to tide and tidal currents. Journal of Ornithology. 2010, 151, (4), 933-943 (PDF)



ANGELIER F., GIRAUDEAU M., BOST C.A., LE BOUARD F., CHASTEL O. Are stress hormone levels a good proxy of foraging success? An experiment with King penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2009, 212, 2824-2829 (PDF)


BOST C.A., THIEBOT J.B., PINAUD D., CHEREL Y., TRATHAN P.N.  Where do penguins go during the inter-breeding period? Using geolocation to track their winter dispersion of the macaroni penguin. Biology Letters. 2009, 5, 473-47 (PDF)


BOST C.A., COTTE C., BAILLEUL F., CHEREL Y., CHARRASSIN J.B., GUINET C., AINLEY D.G., WEIMERSKIRCH H.  The importance of oceanographic fronts to marine birds and mammals of the southern oceans. Special Issue on Processes at Oceanic Fronts of the Journal of Marine Systems (JMS-SIOF). Journal of Marine Systems. 2009, 78, 363-376 (PDF)


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SATO K., SAKAMOTO K.Q., WATANUKI Y., TAKAHASHI A., KATSUMATA N., BOST C.A., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Scaling of soaring seabirds and implications for flight abilities of giant pterosaurs. PLosOne. 2009, 4, e5400 (PDF)


WEIMERSKIRCH H., LE CORRE M., BOST C.A., BALLANCE L., PITMAN R. L’avifaune de l’île Clipperton et l’écologie des oiseaux marins. Publications scientifiques du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle-IRD Éditions. Clipperton : Environnement et Biodiversité d’un Microcosme Océanique. 2009, 68, 381-392 (PDF)


WEIMERSKIRCH H., LE CORRE M., GADENNE H., PINAUD D., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., BOST C.A. Relationship between reversed sexual dimorphism, breeding investment and foraging ecology in a pelagic seabird, the masked booby. Oecologia. 2009, 161, 637-649 (PDF)



ANGELIER F., BOST C.A., GIRAUDEAU M., BOUTELOUP G., DANO S., CHASTEL O. Corticosterone and foraging behavior in a diving seabird: the Adélie penguin, Pygoscelis adeliae. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2008, 156, 134-144 (PDF)


BARBRAUD C., WEIMERSKIRCH H., BOST C.A., FORCADA J., TRATHAN P., AINLEY D. Are king penguin populations threatened by Southern Ocean warming? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2008, 105, (26), (PDF)


BOST C.A., JAEGER A., HUIN W., KOUBBI P., HALSEY L.G., HANUISE N., HANDRICH Y. Monitoring prey availability via data loggers deployed on seabirds: advances and present limitations. K. Tsukamoto, T. Kawamura, T. Takeuchi, T. D. Beard, Jr. and M. J. Kaiser Eds. Proceedings of the 5th World Fisheries Congress, Yokohama, Japon, 20-24 Octobre 2008. Fisheries for Global Welfare and Environment, pp. 121-137 (PDF)


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HALSEY L.G., BUTLER P.J., FAHLMAN A., BOST C.A., WOAKES A.J., HANDRICH Y. Modelling the marine resources consumed in raising a king penguin chick: an energetics approach. Physiological and Biochemical Zolology. 2008, 81, (6), 856-867 (PDF)


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WEIMERSKIRCH H., LE CORRE M., BOST C.A., BALLANCE L., PITMAN R. L’avifaune de l’île Clipperton, et l’écologie des oiseaux marins. Etat des connaissances sur l'île de Clipperton à la suite de l'expédition Jean-Louis Etienne (2005). Clipperton, environnement et biodiversité d'un microcosme océanique - cpn 68, 382-392



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