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         Bertrand GAUFFRE

     Junior researcher (CR1 – INRA)




Research interests

I am a population biologist interested in the response of biodiversity to anthropogenic disturbances. My main research area is the study of dispersal and gene flow in heterogeneous environments. One of my leading achievements today has been to produce important insights on how landscape structure, habitats characteristics and demographic fluctuations influence dispersal and the resulting gene flow in agro-ecosystems. I use different approaches including empirical analyses and computer simulation in population genetics and landscape genetics and statistical modelling of ecological data.

I am developing a research program on the dynamics of functional biodiversity and the role of dispersal in response to the temporal and spatial heterogeneities of agricultural landscapes. My main goals are (i) to develop novel conceptual framework that explicitly consider the landscape dynamics in metapopulation dynamics (ii) to develop and apply individual-based methods to investigate landscape influences on dispersal, gene flow and adaptation in the context of continuous populations (iii) to establish the temporal and spatial scales at which landscape structure influence biodiversity in order to propose management strategies for biodiversity and ecosystems services in agro-ecosystems.



Paul DEROULERS, Ph.D 2014-2017. Analysis of the weed seeds – carabid beetles trophic network in agroecosystems (CEBC, Université de La Rochelle)


Cursus et carrière :

2015     Chargé de Recherches, 1ère classe

2010     Chargé de Recherches, 2ème classe


2009-2010 Post doctorat : Evolution des capacités d’apprentissage et de mémorisation chez la coccinelle asiatique, Harmonia axyridis, dans un contexte de bio-invasion

  • INRA – Sophia Antipolis

2005-2009 Doctorat : "Flux géniques et dispersion chez un rongeur à démographie cyclique dans un paysage agricole intensif" (PDF)

  • CBGP - Montpellier

2004-2005 Master 2 : "Spécialisation écologique et mode de reproduction chez le puceron Sitobion avenae dans les paysages agricoles" (PDF)

  • INRA - Rennes


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