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CIANCHETTI-BENEDETTI M., CATONI C., KATO A., MASSA B., QUILLFELDT P. A new algorithm for the identification of dives reveals the foraging ecology of a shallow-diving seabird using accelerometer data. Marine Biology. 2017, 164, (76), 1-11 (PDF)

CUNNINGHAM J., LE VAILLANT M., GASTON A. J., ROPER-COUDERT Y., KATO A., JACOBS S. R., ELLIOTT K. Reduced activity in middle-aged thick-billed murres: evidence for age related trends in fine-scale foraging behaviour. Animal Behaviour. 2017, 126, 271-280 (PDF)

FAUCHALD P., TARROUX A., TVERAA T., CHEREL Y., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., KATO A., LOVE O. P., VARPE Ø., DESCAMPS S. Spring phenology shapes the spatial foraging behavior of Antarctic petrels. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2017, 568,  203-215  (PDF)

MASELLO J. F., KATO A., SOMMERFELD J., MATTERN T., QUILLFELDT P. How animals distribute themselves in space: variable energy landscapes. Frontiers in Zoology. 2017, 14, 33 (PDF)

MEYER X., MACINTOSH A. J. J., CHIARADIA A., KATO A., MATTERN T., SUEUR C., ROPERT-COUDERT Y. Shallow divers, deep waters, and the rise of behavioural stochasticity. Marine Biology. 2017, 164, 149-159 (PDF)

SOUTHWELL C., EMMERSON L., TAKAHASHI A., KATO A., BARBRAUD C., DELORD K., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Recent studies overestimate colonization and extinction events for Adelie Penguin breeding colonies. The Auk. 2017, 134, (1), 39-50 (PDF)


DESCAMPS S., TARROUX A., CHEREL Y., DELORD K., GODØ O. R., KATO A., KRAFFT B. A., LORENTSEN S.-H., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., SKARET G., VARPE Ø. At-sea distribution and prey selection of Antarctic petrels and commercial krill fisheries. PLoS ONE. 2016, 11, (8), e0156968 (PDF)


GREMILLET D., PERON C.,  KATO A., AMELINEAU F., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., RYAN P. G., PICHEGRU L. Starving seabirds: unprofitable foraging and its fitness consequences in Cape gannets competing with fisheries in the Benguela upwelling ecosystem. Marine Biology. 2016, 163, 35, 1-1 (PDF)


TARROUX A., WEIMERSKIRCH H., WANG S.-H., BROMWICH D. H., CHEREL Y., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., VARPE Ø., YOCCOZ N. G., DESCAMPS S. Flexible flight response to challenging wind conditions in a commuting Antarctic seabird: do you catch the drift? Animal Behaviour. 2016, 113, 99-112 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.-B., ITO K., RACLOT T., POUPART T., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., TAKAHASHI A. On the significance of Antarctic jellyfish as food for Adélie penguins, as revealed by video loggers. Marine Biology. 2016, 163, 108 (PDF)


WHITEHEAD T. O., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., G. RYAN P. Habitat use and diving behaviour of macaroni Eudyptes chrysolophus and eastern rockhopper E. chrysocome filholi penguins during the critical pre-moult period.  Marine Biology. 2016, 163, (19), 1-20 (PDF)



LE VAILLANT M., VIBLANC V. A., SARAUX C., LE BOHEC C., LE MAHO Y., KATO A., CRISCUOLO F., ROPERT-COUDERT Y.  Telomere length reflects individual quality in free-living adult king penguins. Polar Biology. 2015, 38, (12), 2059-2067 (PDF)


MEYER X., MACINTOSH A. J. J., AKIKO K., ANDRÉ C., ROPERT-COUDERT Y. Hydrodynamic handicaps and organizational complexity in the foraging behavior of two free-ranging penguin species. Animal Biotelemetry. 2015, 3, 25 (PDF)


RAYMOND B., LEA M. A., PATTERSON T., ANDREWS-GOFF V., SHARPLES R., CHARRASSIN J.-B., COTTIN M., EMMERSON L., GALES N., GALES R., GOLDSWORTHY S., HARCOURT R., KATO A., KIRKWOOD R., LAWTON K., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., SOUTHWELL C., VAN DEN HOFF J., WIENECKE B., WOEHLER E. J., WOTHERSPOON S., HINDELL M. A. Important marine habitat off East Antarctica revealed by two decades of multi-species predator tracking. Ecography. 2015, 38, (2), 121-129 (PDF)


REYNOLDS A. M., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., KATO A., CHIARADIA A., MACINTOSH A. J. J. A priority-based queuing process explanation for scale-free foraging behaviours. Animal Behaviour. 2015, 108, 67-71 (PDF)


ROPERT-COUDERT Y., KATO A., MEYER X., PELLÉ M., MACINTOSH A., ANGELIER F., CHASTEL O., WIDMANN M., ARTHUR B., RAYMOND B., RACLOT T. A complete breeding failure in an Adélie penguin colony correlates with unusual and extreme environmental events. Ecography. 2015, 38, 111-113 (PDF)


SOMMERFELD J., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., GARTHE S., WILCOX C., HINDELL M. A. Flexible foraging behaviour in a marine predator, the Masked booby (Sula dactylatra), according to foraging locations and environmental conditions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 2015, 463, 79-86 (PDF)


SOUTHWELL C., EMMERSON L., MCKINLAY J., NEWBERY K., TAKAHASHI A., KATO A., BARBRAUD C., DELORD K., WEIMERSKIRCH H.  Spatially extensive standardized surveys reveal widespread, multi-decadal increase in east antarctic Adélie penguin populations. PLoS ONE. 2015, 10, (10), e0139877 (PDF)


WIDMANN M., KATO A., RAYMOND B., ANGELIER F., ARTHUR B., CHASTEL O., PELLÉ M., RACLOT T., ROPERT-COUDERT Y. Habitat use and sex-specific foraging behaviour of Adélie penguins throughout the breeding season in Adélie Land, East Antarctica. Movement Ecology. 2015, 3, 30-40 (PDF)



Sommerfeld J, Kato A, Ropert-Coudert Y, Garthe S, Wilcox C, Hindell MA (2014) Flexible foraging behaviour in a marine predator, the Masked Booby (Sula dactylatra), according to foraging locations and environmental conditions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 463: 79–86.

Pelletier L, Chiaradia A, Kato A, Ropert-Coudert Y (2014) Fine-scale spatial age segregation in the limited foraging area of an inshore seabird species, the little penguin. Oecologia 176(2): 399-408.

Elliott KH, Chivers LS, Bessey L, Gaston AJ, Hatch SA, Kato A, Osborne O, Ropert-Coudert Y, Speakman JR, Hare JF (2014) Windscapes shape seabird instantaneous energy costs but adult behavior buffers impact on offspring. Movement Ecology 2:17. doi: 10.1186/s40462-014-0017-2

Afán I, Navarro J, Cardador L, Ramírez F, Kato A, Rodríguez B, Ropert-Coudert Y, Forero MG (2014) Foraging movements and habitat niche of two closely-related seabirds breeding in sympatry. Marine Biology 161: 657-668

Cottin M, Chastel O, Kato A, Debin M, Takahashi A, Ropert-Coudert Y, Raclot T (2014) Decreasing prolactin levels lead to a lower foraging effort but do not affect breeding success in Adélie penguins. Hormones & Behavior 65: 134-141.

Duriez O, Kato A, TrompC, Dell’Omo G, Vyssotski AL, Sarrazin F, Ropert-Coudert Y (2014) How cheap is soaring flight in raptors? A preliminary investigation in freely-flying vultures. PLoS ONE 9(1): e84887.

Cottin M, MacIntosh A, Kato A, Takahashi A, Debin M, Raclot T, Ropert-Coudert Y (2014) Corticosterone administration leads to a transient alteration of foraging behaviour and complexity in a diving seabird. Marine Ecology Progress Series 496: 249-262. Doi: 10.3354/meps10618

Elliott KH, Le Vaillant M, Kato A, Gaston AJ, Ropert-Coudert Y, Hare JF, Speakman JR, Croll DA (2014) Age-related variation in energy expenditure in a long-lived bird within the envelope of an energy ceiling. J Anim Ecol 83: 136-146.


Gaston AJ, Elliott KH, Ropert-Coudert Y, Kato A, MacDonald C, Mallory ML (2013) Modeling foraging range for breeding colonies of thick-billed murres Uria lomvia in the eastern Canadian Arctic and potential overlap with industrial development. Biological Conservation 168: 134–143.

MacIntosh AJJ, Pelletier L, Chiaradia A, Kato A, Ropert-Coudert Y (2013) Temporal fractals in seabird foraging behaviour: diving through the scales of time. Nature Scientific Reports 3: 1884. DOI: 10.1038/srep01884.

Sommerfeld J, Kato A, Ropert-Coudert Y, Garthe S, Hindell MA (2013) The individual counts: within sex differences in foraging strategies are as important as sex specific differences in masked boobies Sula dactylatra. J Avian Biol 44: 531-540. Doi 10.1111/j.1600-048X.2013.00135.x

Sommerfeld J, Kato A, Ropert-Coudert Y, Garthe S, Hindell MA (2013) Foraging parameters influencing the detection and interpretation of Area-restricted search behaviour in marine predators: a case study with the Masked Booby. PLoS ONE 8(5): e63742. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0063742.

Le Vaillant M, Le Bohec C, Prud’homme O, Wienecke B, Le Maho Y, Kato A, Ropert-Coudert Y (2013) How age and sex drive the foraging behaviour in the king penguin. Mar Biol 160: 1147-1156



Elliott KH, Le Vaillant M, Kato A, Speakman JR, Ropert-Coudert Y (2012) Accelerometry predicts daily energy expenditure in a bird with high activity levels. Biol Lett 9: 20120919.


Le Vaillant M, Wilson RP, Kato A, Saraux C, Hanuise N, Prud’homme O, Le Maho Y, Le Bohec C, Ropert-Coudert Y (2012) King penguins adjust their diving behaviour with age. J Exp Biol. 215 3685-3692


Cottin M, Raymond B, Kato A, Amélineau F, Le Maho Y, Raclot T, Galton-Fenzi B, Meijers A, Ropert-Coudert Y (2012) Foraging strategies of male Adélie penguins during their first incubation trip in relation to environmental condition. Mar Biol 159(8): 1843-1852. doi: 10.1007/s00227-012-1974-x


Pelletier L, Kato A, Chiaradia A, Ropert-Coudert Y (2012) Can thermoclines be a cue to prey distribution for marine top predators? A case study with little penguins. PLoS ONE 7(4): e31768. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031768



Cottin M, Kato A, Thierry A-M, Le Maho Y, Raclot T, Ropert-Coudert Y (2011) Does corticosterone affect diving behaviour of male Adélie Penguins? A preliminary experimental study. Ornithol Sci 10: 3-11.


Enstipp MR, Ciccione S, Gineste B, Milbergue M, Ballorain K, Ropert-Coudert Y, Kato A, Georges JY (2011) Energy expenditure of freely swimming adult green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and its link with body acceleration. J Exp Biol 214: 4010-4020.


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Zimmer I, Ropert-Coudert Y, Kato A, Ancel A, Chiaradia A (2011) Does foraging performance change with age in female little penguins (Eudyptula minor)? PLoS ONE 6: e16098.





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