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GAGNON F. J., LEGAGNEUX P., GILCHRIST H. G., BÉLANGER S., LOVE O. P., BÊTY J. The impact of sea ice conditions on breeding decisions is modulated by individual state in an arctic partial capital breeder. Oecologia. 2018, 186, (1), 1-10


HENNIN H. L., DEY C. J., BÊTY J., GILCHRIST H. G., LEGAGNEUX P., WILLIAMS T. D., LOVE O. P. Higher rates of prebreeding condition gain positively impacts clutch size: A mechanistic test of the condition‐dependent individual optimization model. Functional Ecology. 2018 (PDF)




LAMARRE J.-F., LEGAGNEUX P., GAUTHIER G., REED E. T., BETY J. Predator-mediated negative effects of overabundant snow geese on arctic-nesting shorebirds. Ecosphere. 2017, 8, (5), e01788 (PDF)

LAMARRE V., FRANKE A., LOVE O. P., LEGAGNEUX P., BETY J. Linking pre-laying energy allocation and timing of breeding in a migratory arctic raptor. Oecologia. 2017, 183, (3), 653-666 


CHAMPAGNON J., LEGAGNEUX  P., SOUCHAY G., INCHAUSTI P., BRETAGNOLLE V., BOURGUEMESTRE F., VAN INGEN L., GUILLEMAIN M. Robust estimation of survival and contribution of captive-bred Mallards Anas platyrhynchos to a wild population in a large-scale release programme. Ibis. 2016, 158, (2), 343-352 (PDF)


CHAMPAGNON J., GUILLEMAIN M., MONDAIN-MONVAL J.-Y., SOUCHAY G., LEGAGNEUX P., BRETAGNOLLE V., VAN INGEN L., BOURGUEMESTRE F., LEBRETON J.-D. Contribution of released captive-bred Mallards to the dynamics of natural populations. Ornis Fennica. 2016, 93, 3-11 (PDF)

HENNIN H. L., BÊTY J., LEGAGNEUX P., GILCHRIST H. G., WILLIAMS T. D., LOVE O. P. Energetic physiology mediates individual optimization of breeding phenology in a migratory arctic seabird. The American Naturalist. 2016, 188, (4), 434-445

JACQUET C., MORITZ C., MORISSETTE L., LEGAGNEUX P., MASSOL F., ARCHAMBAULT P., GRAVEL D. No complexity–stability relationship in empirical ecosystems. Nature Communications. 2016, 7, 12573

LEGAGNEUX P., LAROCQUE G., FLETCHER Q. E. De la relève en ornithologie dans la région de Rimouski - Des nids chez vous!. Québec Oiseaux. 2016. Mai

LEGAGNEUX P., HENNIN H. L., GILCHRIST H. GRANT, WILLIAMS T. D., LOVE O. P., BÊTY J. Unpredictable perturbation reduces breeding propensity regardless of pre-laying reproductive readiness in a partial capital breeder. Journal of Avian Biology. 2016, 47, 001-007 (PDF)

MARMILLOT V., GAUTHIER G., CADIEUX M.-C., LEGAGNEUX P. Plasticity in moult speed and timing in an arctic-nesting goose species. Journal of Avian Biology. 2016, 47, 001–009  (PDF)


GAUTHIER G., LEGAGNEUX P., VALIQUETTE M.-A., CADIEUX M.-C., THERRIEN J.-F. Diet and reproductive success of an Arctic generalist predator: Interplay between variations in prey abundance, nest site location, and intraguild predation - Régime alimentaire et succès reproducteur d'un prédateur généraliste de l'Arctique: interaction entre des variations dans l'abondance de proies, la localisation du site de nidification et la prédation intra-guilde. The Auk. 2015, 132, (3), 735-747 (PDF)

HARDOUIN L. A., LEGAGNEUX P., HINGRAT YVES, ROBERT A. Sex-specific dispersal responses to inbreeding and kinship. Animal Behaviour. 2015, 105, 1-10 (PDF)

HARMS N. J., LEGAGNEUX P., GILCHRIST H. G., BETY J., LOVE O. P., FORBES M. R., BORTOLOTTI G. R., SOOS C.  Feather corticosterone reveals effect of moulting conditions in the autumn on subsequent reproductive output and survival in an Arctic migratory bird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2015, 282, 20142085 (PDF)

HENNIN H. L., LEGAGNEUX P., BÊTY J., WILLIAMS T. D., GILCHRIST H. G., BAKER T. M., LOVE O. P. Pre-breeding energetic management in a mixed-strategy breeder. Oecologia. 2015, 177, (1), 235-243 (PDF)

SUFFICE P., BÊTY J., LEGAGNEUX P., LELIEVRE F., SAINT-LOUIS A., TREMBLAY J. A., MESSIER J. S., MAISONNEUVE C., SAINT-LOUIS R. Chasse au gros gibier : Les balles contenant du plomb contaminent la faune sauvage. Aventure Chasse & Pêche. Printemps. 2015, 60-64


BETY J., GRAHAM-SAUVE M., LEGAGNEUX P., CADIEUX M.-C., GAUTHIER G. Fading indirect effects in a warming arctic tundra. Current Zoology. 2014, 60, (2),189-202 (PDF)

GUILLEMAIN M., VAN WILGENBURG S. L., LEGAGNEUX P., HOBSON K. A. Assessing geographic origins of Teal (Anas crecca) through stable-hydrogen (δ2H) isotope analyses of feathers and ring-recoveries. Journal of Ornithology. 2014, 155,165–172 (PDF)

JULIEN J.-R., LEGAGNEUX P., GAUTHIER G., MORRISON R. I. G., THERRIEN J.-F., BETY J.. Contribution of allochthonous resources to breeding in a high-arctic avian predator. Polar Biology. 2014, 37, (2), 193-203 (PDF)

LEGAGNEUX P., DUCATEZ S. European birds adjust their flight initiation distance to road speed limits. Biology Letters. 2013,  9, (5)

LEGAGNEUX P., SUFFICE P., MESSIER J.-S, LELIEVRE F., TREMBLAY JUNIOR A., MAISONNEUVE C., SAINT-LOUIS R., BETY J. High risk of lead contamination for scavengers in an area with high moose hunting success. Plos One. 2014, 9, (11), e111546 (PDF)

LEGAGNEUX P., GAUTHIER G., LECOMTE N., SCHMIDT N. M., REID D. G., CADIEUX M. C., BERTEAUX D., BETY J., KREBS C. J., IMS R. A., YOCCOZ N. G., MORRISON G. R. I., LEROUX S. J., LOREAU M., GRAVEL D. Arctic ecosystem structure and functioning shaped by climate and herbivore body size. Nature Climate Change. 2014, 4, 379-383

LEGAGNEUX P., BERZINS L. L., FORBES M., HARMS NAOMI JANE, HENNIN HOLLY L., BOURGEON S., GILCHRIST H. G., BETY J., SOOS C., LOVE O. P., FOSTER JEFFREY T., DESCAMPS SEBASTIEN, BURNESS G. No selection on immunological markers in response to a highly virulent pathogen in an Arctic breeding bird. Evolutionary Applications. 2014, 7, 765-773 (PDF)


BOLDUC E., CASAJUS N., LEGAGNEUX P., MCKINNON L., GILCHRIST H. G., LEUNG M., MORRISON R.I. G., REID D., SMITH P. A., BUDDLE C. M., BETY J. Terrestrial arthropod abundance and phenology in the Canadian Arctic: modelling resource availability for Arctic-nesting insectivorous birds. The Canadian Entomologist. 2013, 145, 155-170 (PDF)

DOIRON M., LEGAGNEUX P., GAUTHIER G., LÉVESQUE E. Broad-scale satellite Normalized Difference Vegetation Index data predict plant biomass and peak date of nitrogen concentration in Arctic tundra vegetation. Applied Vegetation Science. 2013, 16, (2), 343-351

GAUTHIER G., BÊTY J., CADIEUX M. C., LEGAGNEUX P., DOIRON M., CHEVALLIER C., LAI S., TARROUX A., BERTEAUX D. Long-term monitoring at multiple trophic levels suggests heterogeneity in responses to climate change in the Canadian Arctic tundra. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B. 2013, 368, 1624

LEGAGNEUX P., DUCATEZ S. European birds adjust their flight initiation distance to road speed limits. Biology Letters. 2013, 9, 20130417 (PDF)

LEGAGNEUX P., SIMARD A.-A., GAUTHIER G., BETY J. Effect of neck collars on the body condition of migrating Greater Snow Geese. Journal of Field Ornithology.  2013, 84, (2), 201-209 (PDF)

LEGAGNEUX P., HARMS N. J., GAUTHIER G., CHASTEL O., GILCHRIST H. G., BORTOLOTTI G., BÊTY J., SOOS C. Does feather corticosterone reflect individual quality or external stress in arctic-nesting migratory birds? PLoS One. 2013, 8, (12), e82644 (PDF)


BROCHET A.-L., DESSBORN L., LEGAGNEUX P., ELMBERG J., GAUTHIER-CLERC M., FRITZ H., GUILLEMAIN M. Is diet segregation between dabbling ducks due to food partitioning? A review of seasonal patterns in the Western Palearctic. Journal of Zoology. 2012, 286, 171-178 (PDF)

DOIRON M., LEGAGNEUX P., GAUTHIER G., LEVESQUE E. Broad-scale satellite Normalized Difference Vegetation Index data predict plant biomass and peak date of nitrogen concentration in Arctic tundra vegetation. Applied Vegetation Science. 2012 (PDF)

LELIÈVRE H., LEGAGNEUX P., BLOUIN-DEMERS G., BONNET X., LOURDAIS O. Trophic niche overlap in two syntopic colubrid snakes (Hierophis viridiflavus and Zamenis longissimus) with contrasted lifestyles. Amphibia-Reptilia. 2012, 33, 37-44 (PDF)

LEGAGNEUX P.,  CLARK R.,  GUILLEMAIN M.,  ERAUD C., THERY M., BRETAGNOLLE V. Large-scale geographic variation in iridescent structural ornaments of a long-distance migratory bird. Journal of Avian Biology. 2012, 43, 355-361 (PDF)

LEGAGNEUX P., GAUTHIER G., BERTEAUX D., BETY J., CADIEUX M.-C., BILODEAU F., BOLDUC E., MCKINNON L., TARROUX A., THERRIEN J.-F., MORISSETTE L., KREBS C. J. Disentangling trophic relationships in a High Arctic tundra ecosystem through food web modeling. Ecology. 2012, 93, (7), 1707-1716 (PDF)

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