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BRETAGNOLLE V., BERTHET E., GROSS N., GAUFFRE B., PLUMEJEAUD C., HOUTE S., BADENHAUSSER I., MONCEAU K., ALLIER F., MONESTIEZ P., GABA S. Towards sustainable and multifunctional agriculture in farmland landscapes: Lessons from the integrative approach of a French LTSER platform. Science of the Total Environment. 2018, 627, 822-834 (PDF)




MONCEAU K., THIERY D. Vespa velutina nest distribution at a local scale: an eight-year survey of the invasive honeybee predator. Insect Science. 2017, 24, 663-674 (PDF)

MONCEAU K., DECHAUME-MONCHARMONT F.-X., MOREAU J., LUCAS C., CAPODURO R., MOTREUIL S., MORET Y. Personality, immune response and reproductive success: An appraisal of the pace-of-life syndrome hypothesis. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2017, 86, 932-942 (PDF)

MONCEAU K., TOURAT A., ARCA M., BONNARD O., ARNOLD G., THIERY D. Daily and seasonal extranidal behaviour variations in the invasive yellow-legged hornet, Vespa velutina Lepeletier (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Journal of Insect Behavior. 2017, 30, 220-230 (PDF)

MONCEAU K., MOREAU J., RICHET J., MOTREUIL S., MORET Y., DECHAUME-MONCHARMONT F.-X. Larval personality does not predict adult personality in a holometabolous insect. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 2017, 120, 869-878 (PDF)


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