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COMBES M., PINAUD D., BARBRAUD C., TROTIGNON J., BRISCHOUX F. Climatic influences on the breeding biology of the agile frog (Rana dalmatina). The Science of Nature. 2018, 105, 5 (PDF)


LE BORGNE H., HEBERT C., DUPUCH A., BICHET O., PINAUD D., FORTIN D. Temporal dynamics in animal community assembly during post-logging succession in boreal forest. PLoS ONE. 2018, 13, (9), e0204445 (PDF)


MICHELOT C., PINAUD D., FORTIN M., MAES P., CALLARD B., LEICHER M., BARBRAUD C. Seasonal variation in coastal marine habitat use by the European shag: Insights from fine scale habitat selection modeling and diet. Deep Sea Research Part II. 2017, 141, 224-236  (PDF)

PATRICK S. C., PINAUD D., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Boldness predicts an individual's position along an exploration-exploitation foraging trade-off. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2017, 86, 1257-1268 (PDF)

PEREZ-RODA A., DELORD K., BOUE A., ARCOS J. M., GARCIA D., MICOL T., WEIMERSKIRCH H., PINAUD D., LOUZAO M. Identifying Important Atlantic Areas for the conservation of Balearic shearwaters: spatial overlap with conservation areas. Deep Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography. 2017, 141, 285-293 (PDF)


DELORD K., PINET P., PINAUD D., BARBRAUD C., DE GRISSAC S., LEWDEN A., CHEREL Y., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Species-specific foraging strategies and segregation mechanisms of sympatric Antarctic fulmarine petrels throughout the annual cycle. Ibis. 2016, 158, 569-586 (PDF)


LORMEE H., BOUTIN J.M., PINAUD D., BIDAULT H., ERAUD C. Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur migration routes and wintering areas revealed using satellite telemetry. Bird Study. 2016, 63, (3), 425-429 (PDF)


PHILIPPE A. S., PINAUD D., CAYATTE M.-L., GOULEVANT C., LACHAUSSÉE N., PINEAU P., BOCHER P. Influence of environmental gradients on the distribution of benthic resources available for shorebirds on intertidal mudflats of Yves Bay, France. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 2016, 174, 71-81 (PDF)




BONNET X., BRISCHOUX F., PINAUD D., MICHEL C. M., CLOBERT J., SHINE R., FAUVEL T. Spatial variation in age structure among colonies of a marine snake: the influence of ectothermy. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2015, 84, 925-933 (PDF)


CALENGE C., CHADOEUF J., GIRAUD C., HUET S., JULLIARD R., MONESTIEZ P., PIFFADY J., PINAUD D., RUETTE S. The spatial distribution of mustelidae in France. PloS one. 2015, 10, e0121689 (PDF)


CHAMBAULT P, PINAUD D, VANTREPOTTE V, KELLE L, ENTRAYGUES M, GUINET C, BERZINS R., BILO K., GASPAR P., THOISY B. DE, LE MAHO Y., CHEVALLIER D. Dispersal and diving adjustments of the green turtle chelonia mydas in response to dynamic environmental conditions during post-nesting migration. PLoS ONE. 2015, 10, (9), e0137340 (PDF)


LE CORRE M., DANCKWERTS D.K., RINGLER D., BASTIEN M., ORLOWSKI S., MOREY RUBIO C., PINAUD D., MICOLT. Seabird recovery and vegetation dynamics after Norway rat eradication at Tromelin Island, western Indian Ocean. Biological Conservation. 2015, 185, 85-94 (PDF)


LE REST K., PINAUD D., BRETAGNOLLE V. Volunteer-based surveys offer enhanced opportunities for biodiversity monitoring across broad spatial extent. Ecological Informatics. 2015, 30, 313–317 (PDF)


THERRIEN J.F., PINAUD D., GAUTHIER G., LECOMTE N., BILDSTEIN K., BETY J. Is pre-breeding prospecting behaviour affected by snow cover in the irruptive snowy owl? A test using state-space modelling and environmental data annotated via Movebank. Movement Ecology. 2015, 3, 1-8 (PDF)




GOUTTE A., ANGELIER F., BECH C., CLÉMENT-CHASTEL C., DELL’OMO G., GABRIELSEN G. W., LENDVAI Á. Z., MOE B., NOREEN E., PINAUD D., TARTU S., CHASTEL O. Annual variation in the timing of breeding, pre-breeding foraging areas and corticosterone levels in an Arctic population of black-legged kittiwakes. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2014, 496, 233-247 (PDF)


LE REST K., PINAUD D., MONESTIEZ P., CHADOEUF J., BRETAGNOLLE V. Spatial leave-one-out cross-validation for variable selection in the presence of spatial autocorrelation. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 2014, 23, 811-820 (PDF)


THERRIEN J.-F., GAUTHIER G., PINAUD D., BÊTY J. Irruptive movements and breeding dispersal of snowy owls: a specialized predator exploiting a pulsed resource. Journal of Avian Biology. 2014, 45, 001-009 (PDF)


THIERS L., DELORD K., BARBRAUD C., PHILLIPS R. A., PINAUD D., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Foraging zones of the two sibling species of giant petrels in the Indian Ocean throughout the annual cycle: implication for their conservation. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2014, 499, 233-248 (PDF)



LE REST K ., PINAUD D., BRETAGNOLLE V. Accounting for spatial autocorrelation from model selection to statistical inference: application to a national survey of a diurnal raptor. Ecological Informatics. 2013, 14, 17-24 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., CHEREL Y., CRAWFORD R.J.M., MAKHADO A.B., TRATHAN P. N., PINAUD D., BOST C.A. A space oddity: geographic and specific modulation of migration in Eudyptes penguins. PLoS One. 2013, 8, (8), e71429 (PDF)



KAPPES M.A., WEIMERSKIRCH H., PINAUD D., LE CORRE M. Variability of resource partitioning in sympatric tropical boobies. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2011, 441, 281-294


LELIEVRE H., BLOUIN-DEMERS G., PINAUD D., LISSE H., BONNET X., LOURDAIS O. Contrasted thermal preferences translate into divergences in habitat use and realized performance in two sympatric snakes. Journal of Zoology. 2011, 284, 265-275 (PDF)


LOUZAO M., PINAUD D., PERON C., DELORD K., WIEGAND T., WEIMERSKIRCH H. Conserving pelagic habitats: seascape modelling of an oceanic top predator. Journal of Applied Ecology. 2011, 48, 121-132 (PDF)


PINET P., JAQUEMET S., PINAUD D., WEIMERSKIRCH H., PHILLIPS R.A., LE CORRE M. Migration, wintering distribution and habitat use of an endangered tropical seabird, Barau's petrel Pterodroma baraui. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2011, 423, 291-302 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., LESCROEL A., PINAUD D., TRATHAN P.N., BOST C.A. Larger foraging range but similar habitat selection in non-breeding versus breeding sub-Antarctic penguins. Antarctic Science. 2011, 23, (3), 117-126 (PDF)



POISBLEAU M., GUILLEMAIN M., PINAUD D., DEMONGIN L., CARSLAKE D., DAVID J. Looking like mother makes mallard ducklings dominant over their siblings. Behavioural Processes. 2010, 83, 127-129 (PDF)


THIEBOT J.B., PINAUD D. Quantitative method to estimate species habitat use from light-based geolocation data. Endangered Species Research. 2010, 10, 341-353 (PDF)



BOST C.A., THIEBOT J.B., PINAUD D., CHEREL Y., TRATHAN P.N.  Where do penguins go during the inter-breeding period? Using geolocation to track their winter dispersion of the macaroni penguin. Biology Letters. 2009, 5, 473-47 (PDF)


BRISCHOUX F., BONNET X., PINAUD D. Fine scale fidelity in sea kraits: implications for conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation. 2009, 18, 2473-2481(PDF)


SHAFFER S.A., WEIMERSKIRCH H., SCOTT D., PINAUD D., THOMPSON D.R., SAGAR P.M., MOLLER H., TAYLOR G.A., FOLEY D.G., TREMBLAY Y., COSTA D.P. Spatio-temporal habitat use by breeding sooty shearwaters Puffinus griseus. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2009, 391, 209-220 (PDF)


WEIMERSKIRCH H., LE CORRE M., GADENNE H., PINAUD D., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., BOST C.A. Relationship between reversed sexual dimorphism, breeding investment and foraging ecology in a pelagic seabird, the masked booby. Oecologia. 2009, 161, 637-649 (PDF)



BAILLEUL F., PINAUD D., HINDELL M., CHARRASSIN J.B., GUINET C. Assessment of scale-dependent foraging behaviour in southern elephant seals incorporating the vertical dimension: a development of the First Passage Time method. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2008, 77, 948-957 (PDF)


LE CORRE M., PELLERIN M., PINAUD D., VAN LAERE G.,  FRITZ H., SAÏD S. A multi-patch use of the habitat: testing the First-Passage Time analysis on roe deer paths. Wildlife Biology. 2008, 14, (3) (PDF)


PINAUD D. Quantifying search effort of moving animals at several spatial scales using first-passage time analysis: effect of the structure of environment and tracking systems. Journal of Applied Ecology. 2008, 45, 91-99 (PDF)



PINAUD D., WEIMERSKIRCH H. At-sea distribution and scale-dependent foraging behaviour of petrels and albatrosses: a comparative study. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2007, 76, 9-19 (PDF)


WEIMERSKIRCH H., PINAUD D., PAWLOWSKI F., BOST C.A. Does prey capture induce area-restricted search? A fine-scale study using GPS in a marine predator, the Wandering albatross. The American Naturalist. 2007, 170, (5), 734-743 (PDF)


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