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In press

RICHARD G., TITOVA O. V., FEDUTIN I. D., STEEL D., MESCHERSKY I. G., HAUTIN M., BURDIN A. M., HOYT E., FILATOVA O. A., JUNG J.-L. Cultural Transmission of Fine-Scale Fidelity to Feeding Sites May Shape Humpback Whale Genetic Diversity in Russian Pacific Waters. Journal of Heredity. In press (PDF)



JANC A., RICHARD G., GUINET C., ARNOULD J. P. Y., VILLANUEVA M. C.,  DUHAMEL G., GASCO N., TIXIER P.  How do fishing practices influence sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) depredation on demersal longline fisheries? Fisheries Research. 2018, 206, 14-26 (PDF)


RICHARD G., GUINET C., BONNEL J., GASCO N., TIXIER P. Do commercial fisheries display optimal foraging? The case of longline fishers in competition with odontocetes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 2018, 75, 964-976 (PDF)




LENNERT A. E., RICHARD G. At the cutting edge of the future: Unravelling depredation, behaviour and movement of killer whales in the act of flexible management regimes in Arctic Greenland. Ocean & Coastal Management. 2017, 48, 272e281 (PDF)

MORIN P. A., SCOTT BAKER C., BREWER R. S., BURDIN A. M., DALEBOUT M. L., DINES J. P., FEDUTIN I., FILATOVA O., HOYT E., JUNG J-L., LAUF M., POTTER C.W., RICHARD G., RIDGWAY M., ROBERTSON K. M., WADE P.R. Genetic structure of the beaked whale genus Berardius in the North Pacific, with genetic evidence for a new species. Marine Mammal Science. 2017, 33, (1), 96-111 (PDF)

RICHARD G., FILATOVA O.A. ,SAMARRA F.I.P., FEDUTIN I.D., LAMMERS M., MILLER P.J. Icelandic herring eating killer whales feed at night. Marine Biology. 2017, 164, 32 (PDF)



JOUMA’A J., LE BRAS Y., RICHARD G., VACQUIE-GARCIA J., PICARD B., EL KSABI N., GUINET C. Adjustment of diving behaviour with prey encounters and body condition in a deep diving predator: the Southern Elephant Seal. Functional Ecology. 2016, 30, 636-648 (PDF)


RICHARD G., COX S. L., PICARD B., VACQUIE-GARCIA J., GUINET C. Southern elephant seals replenish their lipid reserves at different rates according to foraging habitat. Plos One. 2016, 11, (11), e0166747 (PDF)



GENIN A., RICHARD G., JOUMA’A J., PICARD B., EL KSABI N., VACQUIE-GARCIA J., GUINET C. Characterization of postdive recovery using sound recordings and its relationship to dive duration, exertion, and foraging effort of southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina). Marine Mammal Science. 2015, 34, (4), 1452-1470 (PDF)


OVSYANIKOVA E.,  FEDUTIN I., BELONOVICH o., BURDIN A., BURKANOV V., DOLGOVA E., FILATOVA O., FOMIN S., HOYT E., RICHARD G., SAVENKO O., SEKIGUCHI K., SHPAK O., SIDORENKO M., TITOVA O. Opportunistic sightings of the endangered North Pacific Right Whales (Eubalaena japonica) in Russian waters in 2003-2014. Marine Mammal Science. 2015, 31, (4), 1559-1567



NEGRUTIU I., CLAPPE S., KNIPPING S., RAMBAUD L., BADEL C., BARTH P., ... RICHARD G.,… & ZIDANE A. Pour une démocratie socio-environnementale: cadre pour une plate-forme participative «transition écologique». Penser une démocratie alimentaire Volume II – Proposition Lascaux entre ressources naturelles et besoins fondamentaux. 2014


RICHARD G., VACQUIE-GARCIA J., JOUMA’A J., PICARD B., GÉNIN A., ARNOULD J. P.Y., BAILLEUL F., GUINET C. Variation in body condition during the post-moult foraging trip of southern elephant seals and its consequences on diving behavior. The Journal of Experimental Biology. 2014, 217, 2609-2619 (PDF)



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