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NYKANEN M., LOUIS M., DILLANE E., ALFONSI E., BERROW S., O'BRIEN J., BROWNLOW A., COVELO P., DABIN W., DEAVILLE R., DE STEPHANIS R., GALLY F., GAUFFIER P., INGRAM S. N., LUCAS T., MIRIMIN L., PENROSE R., ROGAN E., SILVA M. A., SIMON-BOUHET B., GAGGIOTTI O. E. Fine-scale population structure and connectivity of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in European waters and implications for conservation. Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 2019, 29, (Sup. 1), 197-211 (PDF)




LOUIS M., SIMON-BOUHET B., VIRICEL A., LUCAS T., GALLY F., CHEREL Y.,  GUINET C. Evaluating the influence of ecology, sex and kinship on the social structure of resident coastal bottlenose dolphins. Marine Biology. 2018, 165, 80 (PDF)


MENDEZ-FERNANDEZ P., SIMON-BOUHET B., BUSTAMANTE P., CHOUVELON T., FERREIRA M., LOPEZ A., MOFFAT C. F., PIERCE G. J., RUSSELL M., SANTOS M. B., SPITZ J., VINGADA J. V., WEBSTER L., READ F. L., GONZALEZ A. F., CAURANT F. Inter-species differences in polychlorinated biphenyls patterns fromfive sympatric species of odontocetes: Can PCBs be used as tracers offeeding ecology? Ecological Indicators. 2017, 74, 98-108 (PDF)


LASOTA R., PIERSCIENIAK K., GARCIA P., SIMON-BOUHET B., WOLOWICZ M. Large-scale mitochondrial COI gene sequence variability reflects the complex colonization history of the invasive soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria (L.) (Bivalvia). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 2016, 181, 256e265 (PDF)

VIRICEL A., SIMON‑BOUHET B., CEYRAC L., DULAU‑DROUOT V., BERGGREN P., AMIR O. A., JIDDAWI N. S., MONGIN P., KISZKA J. J. Habitat availability and geographic isolation as potential drivers of population structure in an oceanic dolphin in the Southwest Indian Ocean. Marine Biology. 2016, 163, 219 (PDF)

SOANES L., BRIGHT J., ANGEL L., ARNOULD J., BOLTON M., BERLINCOURT M., LASCELLES B., OWEN E., SIMON-BOUHET B., GREEN J. Defining marine important bird areas: testing the foraging radii approach. Biological Conservation. 2016, 196, 69-79 (PDF)



FONTAINE M., CARRAVIERI A., SIMON-BOUHET B., BUSTAMANTE P., GASCO N., BAILLEUL F., GUINET C., CHEREL Y. Ecological tracers and at-sea observations document the foraging ecology of southern long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas edwardii) in Kerguelen waters. Marine Biologie. 2015, 162, 207-219 (PDF)


LOUIS M., GALLY F., BARBRAUD C., BÉESAU J., TIXIER P., SIMON-BOUHET B., LE REST K., GUINET C. Social structure and abundance of a large coastal population of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the English Channel. Journal of Mammalogy. 2015, 96, (3), 481-493 (PDF)


PANTE E., PASCAL P.-Y., BECQUET V., VIRICEL A., SIMON-BOUHET B., GARCIA P. Evaluating the genetic effects of the invasive Ocinebrellus inornatus on the native oyster drill Ocenebra erinaceus. Marine Ecology. 2015, 36, 1118-1128 (PDF)


SABATIER E., PANTE E., DUSSUD C., VAN CANNEYT O., SIMON-BOUHET B., VIRICEL A. Genetic monitoring of pilot whales, Globicephala spp. (Cetacea: Delphinidae), stranded on French coasts. Mammalia. 2015, 79, 1, 111-114 (PDF)




CHOUVELON T., CAURANT F., CHEREL Y., SIMON-BOUHET B., SPITZ J., BUSTAMANTE P. Species- and size-related patterns in stable isotopes and mercury concentrations in fish help refine marine ecosystem indicators and provide evidence for distinct management units for hake in the Northeast Atlantic. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2014, 71, (5), 1073-1087 (PDF)


KISZKA J., CHARLOT K., HUSSEY N., HEITHAUS M., SIMON-BOUHET B., HUMBER F., CAURANT F., BUSTAMANTE P. Trophic ecology of common elasmobranchs exploited by artisanal shark fisheries off south-western Madagascar. Aquatic Biology. 2014, 23, 29-38 (PDF)


LOUIS M., FONTAINE M. C., SPITZ J., SCHLUND E., DABIN W., DEAVILLE R., CAURANT F., CHEREL Y., GUINET C., SIMON-BOUHET B. Ecological opportunities and specializations shaped genetic divergence in a highly mobile marine top predator. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  2014, 281, 20141558 (PDF)


LOUIS M., VIRICEL A., LUCAS T.,  PELTIER H., ALFONSI E., BERROW S., BROWNLOW A., COVELO P., DABIN W., DEAVILLE R., GALLY F., GAUFFIER P., PENROSE R., SILVA M. A., GUINET C., SIMON-BOUHET B. Habitat-driven population structure of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the North-East Atlantic. Molecular Ecology. 2014, 23, (4), 857-874 (PDF)


VIRICEL A., PANTE E., DABIN W., SIMON-BOUHET B. Applicability of RAD-tag genotyping for interfamilial comparisons: empirical data from two cetaceans. Molecular Ecology Resources. 2014, 14, (3), 597-605 (PDF)



BOCHER P., ROBIN F., MEUNIER F., DELAPORTE P., SIMON-BOUHET B. Origins and age structure of black-tailed godwits Limosa limosa on the central Atlántic coast of France. Ardeola. 2013, 60, (2), 225-243 (PDF)


PANTE E., SIMON-BOUHET B. Marmap: A package for importing, plotting and analyzing bathymetric and topographic data in R. Plos One. 2013, 8, (9), e73051 (PDF)


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