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PLANQUE Y., HUON M., CAURANT F., PINAUD D., VINCENT C. Comparing the horizontal and vertical approaches used to identify foraging areas of two diving marine predators. Marine Biology. 2020, 167, 25 (PDF)




VINCENT C., HUON M., CAURANT F., DABIN W., DENIAU A., DIXNEUF S.,  DUPUIS L.,  ELDER J.-F.,  FREMAU M.-H., HASSANI S., HEMON A., KARPOUZOPOULOS J., LEFEUVRE C., MCCONNELL B. J., MOSS S. E.W., PROVOST P., SPITZ J., TURPIN Y., RIDOUX V. Grey and harbour seals in France: distribution at sea, connectivity and trends in abundance at haulout sites. Deep Sea Research Part II. 2017, 141, 294-305 (PDF)

TANGE O. M., ISLAS V., GRAVES J. A., ONOUFRIOU A., VINCENT C., BRASSEUR S.,  FRIE A. K.,  HALL A. Genetic population structure of harbour seals in the United Kingdom and neighbouring waters. Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 2017, 27, 839-845  (PDF)

WANNOUS R., MALKI J., BOUJU A, VINCENT C. Trajectory ontology inference considering domain and temporal dimensions-Application to marine mammals. Future Generation Computer Systems. 2017, 491-499 (PDF)




VINCENT C., RIDOUX V., FEDAK M. A., MCCONNELL B. J., SPARLING C. E., LEAUTE J.-P., JOUMA’A J., SPITZ J. Foraging behaviour and prey consumption by grey seals (Halichoerus grypus)—spatial and trophic overlaps with fisheries in a marine protected area. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2016, 73, (10),  2653-2665 (PDF)




HUON M., JONES E. L., MATTHIOPOULOS J., MCCONNELL B., CAURANT F., VINCENT C. Habitat selection of gray seals (Halichoerus grypus) in a marine protected area in France. Journal of Wildlife Management. 2015, 79, (7), 1091-1100 (PDF)


JONES E.L., MCCONNELL B.J., SMOUT S., HAMMOND P.S., DUCK C.D., MORRIS C.D., THOMPSON D., RUSSELL D.J.F., VINCENT C., CRONIN M., SHARPLES R.J., MATTHIOPOULOS J. Patterns of space use in sympatric marine colonial predators reveals scales of spatial partitioning. Marine Ecological Progress Series. 2015, 534, 235-249 (PDF)


VINCENT C. Les phoques en France: État et suivi des populations. Le Courrier de la Nature. 2015, 287, 29-35 (PDF)


WANNOUS R., VINCENT C., MALKI J., BOUJU A. An ontology-based approach for handling explicit and implicit knowledge over trajectories. Chapter in: New Trends in Databases and Information Systems. 2015, 403-413 (PDF)



CHEVAILLIER D., KARPYTCHEV M., MCCONNELL B.J., MOSS S., VINCENT C. Can gray seals maintain heading within areas of high tidal current? Preliminary results from numerical modeling and GPS observations. Marine Mammal Science. 2014, 30, (1), 374-380 (PDF)


WANNOUS R., MALKI J., BOUJU A., VINCENT C. Analysis of trajectory ontology inference complexity over domain and temporal rules. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Model and Data Engineering. 2014, 8748, 177-192 (PDF)



WANNOUS R., MALKI J., BOUJU A., VINCENT C. Time integration in semantic trajectories using an ontological modelling approach. In: New Trends in Databases and Information Systems (Pechenizkiy, M. and Wojciechowski, M., Eds.). Springer. 2013, 187-198 (PDF)


WANNOUSA R., MALKI J., BOUJU A., VINCENT C. Modelling mobile object activities based on trajectory ontology rules considering spatial relationship rules. A. Amine et al. (Eds.): Modeling Approaches and Algorithms. 2014, SCI 488, 249-258 (PDF)



MALKI J., WANNOUS R., BOUJU A., VINCENT C. Temporal reasoning in trajectories using an ontological modelling approach. Control and Cybernetics. 2012, 41, (4), 1-16 (PDF)



CABEZON O., HALL A.J., VINCENT C., PABON M., GAFCIA-BOCANEGRA I., DUBEY J.P., ALMERIA S. Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in North-eastern Atlantic harbor seal (Phoca vitulina vitulina) and grey seal (Halichoerus grypus). Veterinary Parasitology. 2011, 179, 253-256 (PDF)



VINCENT C.,MCCONNELL B.J., DELAYAT S., ELDER J.-F., GAUTIER G., RIDOUX V. Winter habitat use of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) fitted with FastlocTM GPS/GSM tags in two tidal bays in France. NAMMCO Scientific Publications. 2010, 8, 285-302 (PDF)



HÄRKÖNEN T., BRASSEUR S., TEILMANN J., VINCENT C., DIETZ R., ABT K., REIJNDERS P. Status of grey seals along mainland Europe from the Southwestern Baltic to France. NAMMCO Scientific Publications. 2007, 6, 57-68


GERONDEAU M., BARBRAUD C., RIDOUX V., VINCENT C. Abundance estimate and seasonal patterns of grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) occurrence in Brittany, France, as assessed by photo-identification and capture-mark-recapture. Journal of Marine Biological Association, U.K. 2007, 86, 365-372


RIDOUX V., SPITZ J., VINCENT C., WALTON M. Grey seal diet at the southern limit of its European distribution: combining dietary analysis and fatty acid profiles. Journal of the Marine Biological Association, U.K. 2007, 86, 255-264



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