Equipe Ecologie des Oiseaux et Mammifères Marins

Henri Weimerskirch, Researcher
born in 1955

Telephone:+ 33 (0)5 49 09 78 15
E-mail: henriw'arobase'cebc.cnrs.fr

Activities and research interests 

Evolutionary ecology, seabirds, population dynamics, resource acquisition strategies, resource allocation processes (energy management), conservation biology, climate change

Marine environment, Antarctic, seabirds, telemetry.

Research projects

3 major research themes: 
the study of the impact of resource abundance and distribution on the breeding strategies of seabirds, particularly the relationships between resource acquisition and resource allocation strategies (integrative approach).
The study of food searching and allocation behaviours use advanced telemetry satellite systems (Argos system, GPS), data acquisition systems (feeding, fligth, diving and activity measures), or measures of activity metabolism (cardiac frequency measures). Management of energetic reserves.

the study of populations dynamics, use of marine top predators as indicators of marine environmental changes (natural or anthropic), seabird conservation, impact of human activities especially fishing. Demographic data base. 
the study of the evolution of life-history traits, actually special interest focus on the influence of individual age, senescence, sex ratio, dispersion.