Equipe Ecologie des Oiseaux et Mammifères Marins

Karine Delord, CNRS contract employee
born in 1972

Telephone: + 33 (0)5 49 09 96 14
E-mail: delord'arobase'cebc.cnrs.fr


I ensure, on the one hand,

the conception, the realisation and the management of the web site of the seabirds and sea mammals ecology team,
and, on the other hand, I participate
to the valorization of the demographic data base on birds in the French Southern Territories (TAAF) and in the diffusion of the results (posters, papers...),
to scientific field work (counting and censusing of seabirds in Adélie Land, Kerguelen),
to the organization of thematic workshops and meetings (Fourth International Killer Whale Symposium September 2002, ...).