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BALLOUARD J.-M., CONORD M., JOHANY A., JARDE N., CARON S., DELEUZE S., BONNET X. Is popularity a double-edged sword? Children want to protect but also harvest tortoises. Journal of Environmental Education. In press


BAUDENA A., SER-GIACOMI E., D'ONOFRIO D., CAPET X., COTTE C., CHEREL Y., D'OVIDIO F. Fine-scale fronts as hotspots of fish aggregation in the open ocean. bioRxiv. In press (PDF)


CATARINO R., BRETAGNOLLE V., PERROT T., VIALLOUX F. A Nature-based solution in practice: ecological and economic modelling shows pollinators outperform agrochemicals in oilseed crop production. BIORXIV. In press (PDF)


CHEREL Y., ROMANOV E. V., ANNASAWMY P., THIBAULT D., MENARD F. Micronektonic fish species over three seamounts in the southwestern Indian Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. In press (PDF)


COLE T. L., DUTOIT L., DUSSEX N., HART T., ALEXANDER A., YOUNGER J. L., CLUCAS G. V., FRUGONE M. J., CHEREL Y., CUTHBERT R., ELLENBERG U., FIDDAMAN S. R., HISCOCK J., HOUSTON D., JOUVENTIN P., MATTERN T., MILLER G., MISKELLY C., NOLAN P., POLITO M. J., QUILLFELDT P., RYAN P. G., SMITH A., TENNYSON A. J. D., THOMPSON D., WIENECKE B., VIANNA J. A., WATERS J. M. Receding ice drove parallel expansions in Southern Ocean penguins. PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. In press


COLLET J., PRUDOR A., CORBEAU A., MENDEZ L., WEIMERSKIRCH H. First explorations: ontogeny of central-place foraging directions in two tropical seabirds. Behavioral Ecology. In press (PDF)


DESCHAMPS L., PROULX R., GROSS N., RHEAULT G., MAIRE V. From plant populations to communities: using hierarchical trait environment relationships to reveal within ecosystem filtering. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)


DUPONT S., BARBRAUD C., CHASTEL O., DELORD K., PARENTEAU C., RIBOUT C., ANGELIER F. Do repeated captures and handling affect phenotype and survival of growing Snow Petrel (Pagodroma nivea). Polar Biology. 2020, In press


EOUZAN I., GARNERY L., PINTO M. A., DELALANDE D., NEVES C. J., FABRE F., LESOBRE J., HOUTE S., ESTONBA A., MONTES I., SIME-NGANDO T., BIRON D. G. Hygroregulation, a key ability for eusocial insects: Native Western European bees as a case study. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)


EVANSA R., HINDELL M., KATO A., PHILLIPS L. R., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., WOTHERSPOON S., LEA M.-A. Habitat utilization of a mesopelagic predator linked to lower sea-surface temperatures & prey abundance in a region of rapid warming. Deep-Sea Research Part II. In press (PDF)


EXPOSITO-GRANADOS M., PAREJO D., CHASTEL O., AVILES J. M. Physiological stress and behavioural responses of European Rollers and Eurasian Scops Owls to human disturbance differ in farming habitats in the south of Spain. Bird Conservation International. In press (PDF)


FREITAS I., URSENBACHER S., MEBERT K., ZINENKO O., SCHWEIGER S., WÜSTER W., BRITO J. C., CRNOBRNJA-ISAILOVIC J., HALPERN B., FAHD S., SANTOS X., PLEGUEZUELOS J. M., JOGER U., ORLOV N., MIZSEI E., LOURDAIS O., ZUFFI M. A. L., STRUGARIU A., ZAMFIRESCU Ş. R., MARTINEZ-SOLANO Í., VELO-ANTON G., KALIONTZOPOULOU A., MARTINEZ-FREIRIA F. Evaluating taxonomic inflation: towards evidence-based species delimitation in Eurasian vipers (Serpentes: Viperinae). Amphibia-Reptilia. In press (PDF)


GAETAN R., BONNET J., TIXIER P., ARNOULD J. P. Y., JANC A., GUINET C. Evidence of deep-sea interactions between toothed whales and longlines. Ambio. 2019, In press


GHERGHEL I., BRISCHOUX F., PAPEŞ M. Refining model estimates of potential species' distribution to relevant accessible areas. Progress in Physical Geography. 2019, In press (PDF)


GHERGHEL I., PAPES M., BRISCHOUX F., NYARI Á. A simple framework for estimating potential distributions of amphibious marine species and implications for conservation. Coral Reefs. 2020. In press


ILES D. T., LYNCH H., JI R., BARBRAUD C., DELORD K., JENOUVRIER S. Sea ice predicts long-term trends in Adélie penguin population growth, but not annual fluctuations: Results from a range-wide multi-scale analysis. Global Change Biology. In press (PDF)


JAEGER A., GAMBLE A., LAGADEC E., LEBARBENCHON C., BOURRET V., TORNOS J., BARBRAUD C., LEMBERGER K., DELORD K., WEIMERSKIRCH H., THIEBOT J.-B., BOULINIER T., TORTOSA P. Exploring the infection dynamics of a bacterial pathogen on a remote oceanic island reveals annual epizootics impacting an albatross population. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)


JANC A., GUINET C., PINAUD D., RICHARD G., MONESTIEZ P., TIXIER P. Fishing behaviours and the skipper effect in decision-making processes when facing depredation by marine predators. Fish and Fisheries. In press (PDF)


JENOUVRIER S., AUBRY L., VAN DAALEN S., BARBRAUD C., WEIMERSKIRCH H, CASWELL H. When the going gets tough, the tough get going: effect of extreme climate on an Antarctic seabird's life history. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)


LORMEE H., BARBRAUD C., PEACH W., CARBONERAS C., LEBRETON J.-D., MORENO-ZARATE L., BACON L., ERAUD C. Assessing the sustainability of harvest of the European Turtle-dove along the European western flyway. Bird Conservation International. In press (PDF)


MENAD R., FERNINI M., LAKABI L., SOUDANI N., SMAÏ S., BONNET X., GERNIGON-SPYCHALOWICZ T., MOUDILOU E., EXBRAYAT J.-M. GPER1, estrogen receptors and androgen receptor in the sand rat (Psammomys obesus) efferent ducts. Folia Morphologica. In press (PDF)


MEYER X., MACINTOSH A. J. J., CHIARADIA A., KATO K., RAMIREZ F., SUEUR C., ROPERT‐COUDERT Y. Oceanic thermal structure mediates dive sequences in a foraging seabird. Ecology and Evolution. In press (PDF)


OWEN D. A. S., HOLDING M. L, BALLOUARD J.-M., CHAMBERLAIN J. D., TODD B. D., ROCHFORD M. R., WAYE H. L., LEMASTER M. P., HILL III J. G., BEAUPRE S. J., GIFFORD M. E., MAZZOTTI F. J., MASON R. T., BONNET X., GIENGER C. M., PARKER M. R., TAYLOR E. N. A model-based comparison of common body condition indices as predictors of stored energy in twelve snake species. Herpetological Monographs. 2018, In press


REQUIER F., HENRY M., DECOURTYE A., BRUN F., AUPINEL P., REBAUDO F., BRETAGNOLLE V. Measuring ontogenetic shifts in central-place foraging insects: a case study with honey bees. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)


SOUCHAY G., BARBRAUD C., GERMAIN C., BECHET A. Dispersal-dependent juvenile survival in a sexually dimorphic long-lived bird, the Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus. BiorXiv. In press (PDF)





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