Léa Lange

Early environmental influence and phenotypic plasticity: study of an amphibian model with prenatal parental care, the midwife toad

My thesis focuses on the study of the link between the environment, parental behaviors and the development of young midwife toads. This species is original because parental care is exclusively carried out by the male. In fact, the male carries its eggs, attached to its hind limbs, throughout the embryonic development. I am evaluating the influence of the thermal environment, on the choice of microhabitats and the thermoregulation of adults, and on the development of juveniles. The objective of my research is to provide new insights, for understanding the importance of such exclusive male parental care, for the development and quality of juveniles. In adults, I aim to measure the behavioral responses, in relation to parental investment, focusing on the choices of microhabitats and thermal preferences, but also on the associated potential costs. In juveniles, I aim to measure the impact of early environmental conditions, pre and post natal crossed, on their development and their quality. This work is based on studies carried out in the field but also on laboratory experiments, thanks to the use of climatic chambers, allowing precise control of abiotic environmental parameters.
PhD student in the Ecophy team

PhD in ECOPHY team  2017 – 2020
PhD directors : Olivier LOURDAIS et François BRISCHOUX
Funded by the university of La Rochelle
La Rochelle University