Manrico Sebastiano

Effects of contaminants on seabird physiology

My research is aimed at understanding the effects of environmental contaminants on seabird physiology. During my thesis, I investigated the relationship between mercury exposure, nutritional stress and immune system effects in South American seabirds. Here at the CEBC, I had the opportunity to deepen the ecotoxicological studies of exposure to organic contaminants on different species of gulls, in Svalbard and in metropolitan France. More specifically, my research aims to identify which contaminants (and at what concentration) can cause hormonal changes, stimulate/depress aging processes, and impact the probability of survival of exposed individuals. Seabirds are often exposed to high concentrations of environmental contaminants and are considered as sentinels of ecosystem health. These studies are very relevant because they can provide guidelines for the formulation of more restrictive laws on the release of these contaminants and for the protection of endangered species.

Post-doctoral researcher – ECOPHY Team -PhD Director : Olivier Chastel Funding agency : Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, ANR ILETOP and SENSEI Project
Mobile: +393338968382