Candice Michelot

At-sea movements of polar marine predators

My thesis consists in evaluating the feeding behaviour of Adélie penguins according to sea ice conditions impacted by global warming. I study their feeding strategies at sea using morphometric, diet and bio-logging data. The objective of my research is to understand the environmental processes influencing their feeding behaviour during reproduction. Using statistical and modelling tools, I aim to determine the habitats and prey distribution used by Adélie penguins as a function of ice conditions and the impact of environmental variation at different spatial and temporal scales. The ultimate goal of this work is to use the Adélie penguin as a sentinel species of the sea ice in East Antarctica, in order to predict the evolution of Adélie penguin populations in the face of new climatic challenges, with a view to protecting and conserving polar ecosystems.

PhD student in the Marine Predators team