Charlotte Lambert

Determining habitats and energy scapes for Mediterranean marine megafauna

I am an ecologist interested in processes determining species distributions, and mechanisms driving their variations. In particular, I look to understand how the ecological niche of marine species change over seasons and years, and how these changes impact geographical distribution of individuals. As to understand the reasons behind those changes, I integrate functional and energetics aspects into ecological niche modelling. I worked on numerous species, especially seabirds and cetaceans, within various marine regions (Mediterranean, Eastern North Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Central South Pacific and global scale), and applied several species distribution modelling methods within R to different visual censuses (boat- and plane-based). My work also helped evaluate and inform marine spatial planning in the French waters. I join the CEBC lab within the framework of the EU-funded EcoScope project (“ecocentric management for sustainable fisheries and healthy ecosystems”,, with the objective of determining energy scapes of marine megafauna throughout the year. Energy scapes represent variations in energetics needs of an organism through geographical space depending on occurring environmental conditions. With these estimated energy scapes, and knowing which mechanisms drive them, we will predict their evolution under climate change scenarii. This work is focused on a wide panel of species (cetaceans, seabirds, sea turtles, tunas, sharks, rays, swordfish) and will combine data of very different nature within a consistent statistical framework.

Contract La Rochelle Université  / CEBC