Fabien Dequine

Database Integrator Developer

I work in the APIS and AGROP units, the APIS unit (Abeille Paysage Interaction et Système) is under the governance of the INRAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine Poitiers, this EU is interested in the impact of agricultural practices and the agricultural landscape on the ecology of the honey bee. The Agripop unit is in charge of piloting the Zone Atelier de la Plaine et Val de Sèvre (ZAPVS), this workshop area has been managing and collecting a large volume of data since 1994 of a very diverse nature (biodiversity surveys, farmer surveys, land use, etc.). As a software engineering assistant, my main role is database development on behalf of both units. For this mission, I am in charge of a set of activities which are : – Understanding and analyzing the needs of the users of both units – Apply and respect the provisions in adequacy with the quality policy of the two units – Write and update technical and functional documentation. – Developing applications and databases – Ensure the curative and evolutionary maintenance of databases. – Develop and test objects and components – Create and test the application packages intended to be deployed in the field. – Develop installation and verification scripts to ensure the correct installation of an application – Deployment – Receive, install, document, and make available the packages by ensuring version tracking – Participate in functional and/or technical assistance to operators and users – Participate in technical and functional training actions. Software Engineering Assistant INRAE – AGRIPOP Team fabien.dequine(at)inrae.fr Tel +33 (0)5 46 68 30 01 – 05 49 09 35 51