Vincent Bretagnolle

Reconciling agriculture and environment

My scientific objective is the analysis of the consequences of different components of global change (mainly changes in practices and uses and to a lesser extent climate change) on the spatial and temporal dynamics of animal and plant populations and communities that make up food webs in intensive agricultural environments. The ultimate aim of the research is to reconcile agriculture and the environment within a framework of sustainable natural resource management, by identifying innovative cropping systems that meet socio-economic needs and preserve biodiversity in all its facets (heritage, ordinary and functional). My research falls within the framework of Territorial Agro-ecology, and focuses in particular on the analysis of the ecological services rendered by biodiversity “both economic and socio-cultural” in order to promote them. My work is carried out mainly on the Zone Atelier Plaine & Val de Sèvre (Deux Sèvres department) that I created in 1994.

Research Director CNRS – AGRIPOP
Tel : +33 (0)

Zone Atelier et Val de Sèvre