Publications 2024


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AMINIAN BIQUET J., TIXIER P., RICHARD G., SOEHNLEN M., THELLIER T., CARZON P., CLUA E., GUINET C. Toothed whale and shark depredation and bycatch in the longline fishery of French Polynesia. Fisheries Research. 2024, 271, 106928 (PDF)


BANDA S., PISTORIUS P., COLLET J., CORBEAU A., WEIMERSKIRCH H., PAJOT A., KEYS D. Z., ORGERET F. Gauging the threat: exposure and attraction of sooty albatrosses and white-chinned petrels to fisheries activities in the Southern Indian Ocean. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2024, 81, 75-85 (PDF)


BELLOT P., BICHET C., BRISCHOUX F., FRITSCH C., HOPE S. F., QUESNOT A., ANGELIER F. Experimental investigation of the effect of tebuconazole on three biomarkers of innate immunity in the house sparrow (Passer domesticus). Ecotoxicology. 2024, 33, 119-129 (PDF)


BIQUET J. A., TIXIER P., RICHARD G., SOEHNLEN M., THELLIER T., CARZON P., CLUA E., GUINET C. Toothed whale and shark depredation and bycatch in the longline fishery of French Polynesia. Fisheries Research. 2024, 271, 106928 (PDF)


BLANCHARD P., DELORD K., BODIN A., GUILLE K., GETTI T., BARBRAUD C. Impact and control of feral cats preying on wandering albatrosses: Insights from a field experiment. Ecosphere. 2024, 15, e4792 (PDF)


BOETZL F. A., SPONSLER D., ALBRECHT M., BATARY P., BIRKHOFER K., KNAPP M., KRAUSS J., MAAS B., MARTIN E. A., SIRAMI C., SUTTER L., BERTRAND C., BOSEM BAILLOD A., BOTA G., BRETAGNOLLE V., BROTONS L., FRANK T., FUSSER M., GIRALT D., GONZALEZ E., HOF A. R., LUKA H., MARREC R., NASH M. A., NG K., PLANTEGENEST M., POULIN B., SIRIWARDENA G. M., TSCHARNTKE T., TSCHUMI M., VIALATTE A., VAN VOOREN L., ZUBAIR-ANJUM M., ENTLING M. H., STEFFAN-DEWENTER I., SCHIRMEL J. Distance functions of carabids in crop fields depend on functional traits, crop type and adjacent habitat: a synthesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2024, 291, (2014), 20232383 (PDF)


BRISSON-CURADEAU E., BOST C.-A., CHEREL Y., ELIOTT K. King Penguins adjust foraging effort rather than diet when faced with poor foraging conditions. Ibis. 2024, 166, 723-731 (PDF)


CHEREL Y., TROUVE C. Comparison of cephalopods eaten by sooty albatross Phoebetria fusca breeding in subtropical and subantarctic waters, and teuthofauna of the southern Indian Ocean. Deep-Sea Research Part I. 2024, 206, 104262 (PDF)


CHEVALLAY M., JEANNIARD DU DOT T., GOULET P., FONVIEILLE N., CRAIG C., PICARD B., GUINET C. Spies of the deep: An animal-borne active sonar and bioluminescence tag to characterise mesopelagic prey size and behaviour in distinct oceanographic domains. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. 2024, 203, 104214 (PDF)


DELORD K., WEIMERSKIRCH H., BARBRAUD C. The challenges of independence: ontogeny of at-sea behaviour in a long-lived seabird. Peer Community Journal. 2024, 4, e30 (PDF)


FORTUNA R., COVAS R., D’AMELIO P. B., SILVA L. R., PARENTEAU C., BLIARD L., RYBAK F., DOUTRELANT C., PAQUET M. Interplay of cooperative breeding and predation risk on egg allocation and reproductive output. Behavioral Ecology. 2024, 35, (2), arae010 (PDF)


GIMENO M., GIMENEZ J., CHIARADIA A., DAVIS L. S., SEDDON P. J., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., REISINGER R. R., COLL M., RAMIREZ F. Climate and human stressors on global penguin hotspots: Current assessments for future conservation. Global Change Biology. 2024, 30, (1), e17143 (PDF)


GRAUX Y., QUEREJETA M., GABA S., BRETAGNOLLE V., BOYER S. A comparison of live versus kill pitfall traps to assess the diet of carabids through a metabarcoding approach. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 2024, 172, (3), 249-260 – (PDF)


HOPE S. F., ANGELIER F. Effects of the temperature during embryonic development on adult reproduction and the phenotype of the second generation in zebra finches. Journal of Thermal Biology. 2024, 119, 103787 (PDF)


JOUMA’A J., ORGERET F., PICARD B., ROBINSON P. W., WEIMERSKIRCH H., GUINET C., COSTA D. P., BELTRAN R. S. Contrasting offspring dependence periods and diving development rates in two closely related marine mammal species. Royal Society Open Science. 2024, 11, 230666 (PDF)


LARAN S., VAN CANNEYT O., DOREMUS G., GARRIGUE C., BERR T., BOURGOGNE H., GENU M., SPITZ J., RIDOUX V. Who lives in the open sea? Distribution and densities of surfacing marine megafauna in three subregions of the South Pacific (New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and French Polynesia). Pacific Conservation Biology. 2024, 30, PC23023 (PDF)


LARUE M., ILES D., LABROUSSE S., FRETWELL PETER, ORTEGA D., DEVANE E., HORSTMANN I., VIOLLAT L., FOSTER-DYER R., LE BOHECC., ZITTERBART D., HOUSTIN A., RICHTER S., WINTERL A., WIENECKE B., SALAS L., NIXON M., BARBRAUD C., KOOYMAN G., PONGANIS P., AINLEY D., TRATHAN P., JENOUVRIER S. Advances in remote sensing of emperor penguins: first multi-year time series documenting trends in the global population. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2024, 291, (2018), 20232067 (PDF)


LAURENCE F., BONNET X., URSENBACHER S, GUILLER G., BILLY G., NAULLEAU G., VIDAL N. Diet variations across remote populations of a widely distributed snake species, the Asp viper (Vipera aspis aspis; Linnaeus 1758). Amphibia-Reptilia. 2024 (PDF)


LEWIN P. J., WYNN J., ARCOS J. M., AUSTIN R. E., BLAGROVE J., BOND S., CARRASCO G., DELORD K., FISHER-REEVES L., GARCIA D., GILLIES N., GUILFORD T., HAWKINS I., JAGGERS P., KIRK C., LOUZAO M., MAURICE L., McMINN M., MICOL T., MORFORD J., MORGAN G., MOSS J., MIQUEL RIERA E., RODRIGUEZ A., SIDDIQI-DAVIES K., WEIMERSKIRCH H., WYNN R. B., PADGET O. Climate change drives migratory range shift via individual plasticity in shearwaters. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). 2024, 121, (6), e2312438121 (PDF)


LORRAIN-SOLIGON L., BIZON T., ROBIN F., JANKOVIC M., BRISCHOUX F. Variations of salinity during reproduction and development affect ontogenetic trajectories in a coastal amphibian. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2024, 31, 11735–11748 (PDF)


LOVERIDGE A., ELVIDGE C. D., KROODSMA D. A., WHITE T. D., EVANS K., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., SOMMERFELD J., TAKAHASHI A., PATCHETT R., ROBIRA B., RUTZ C., SIMS D. W. Context-dependent changes in maritime traffic activity during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Environmental Change. 2024, 84, 102773 (PDF)


MACHADO‑GAYE A. L., KATO A., CHIMIENTI M., GOBEL N., ROPERT‑COUDERT Y., BARBOSA A., SOUTULLO A. Using latent behavior analysis to identify key foraging areas for Adélie penguins in a declining colony in West Antarctic Peninsula. Marine Biology. 2024, 171, 69 (PDF)


MERLEAU L.-A., LOURDAIS O., OLIVIER A., VITTECOQ M., BLOUIN-DEMERS G., ALLIOT F., BURKART L., FOUCAULT Y., LERAY C., MIGNE E., GOUTTE A. Pesticide concentrations in a threatened freshwater turtle (Emys orbicularis): Seasonal and annual variation in the Camargue wetland, France. Environmental Pollution. 2024, 341, 122903 –


OLMASTRONI S., SIMONETTI S., FATTORINI N., D’AMICO V., CUSSET F., BUSTAMANTE P., CHEREL Y., CORSI I. Living in a challenging environment: Monitoring stress ecology by non-destructive methods in an Antarctic seabird. Science of the Total Environment. 2024, 922, 171249 (PDF)


PANIGADA S., PIERANTONIO N., ARAUJO H., DAVID L., DI-MEGLIO N., DOREMUS G., GONZALVO J., HOLCER D., LARAN S., LAURIANO G., PAIU R.-M., PERRI M., POPOV D., RIDOUX V., VAZQUEZ J. A., CAÑADAS A. The ACCOBAMS survey initiative: the first synoptic assessment of cetacean abundance in the Mediterranean Sea through aerial surveys. Frontiers in Marine Science. 2024, 10, 1270513 (PDF)


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SAUSER C., BLEVIN P., CHASTEL O., GABRIELSEN G. W., HANSSEN S. A., LORENTZEN E., MOE B., MOREAU S., SAGERUP K., DESCAMPS S. Ice type matters: impacts of landfast and drift ice on body condition in a high Arctic seabird community. Frontiers in Marine Science. 2024, 11, 1326658 (PDF)


SUBASINGHE K., SYMONDS M. R. E., PROBER S. M., BONNET T., WILLIAMS K. J., WARE C., GARDNER J. L. Spatial variation in avian bill size is associated with temperature extremes in a major radiation of Australian passerines. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2024, 291, (2015), 20232480 (PDF)


VACQUIE-GARCIA J., SPITZ J., HAMMILL M., STENSON G. B., KOVACS K. M., LYDERSEN C., CHIMIENTI M., RENAUD M., MENDEZ FERNANDEZ P., JEANNIARD DU DOT T. Foraging habits of Northwest Atlantic hooded seals over the past 30 years: Future habitat suitability under global warming. Global Change Biology. 2024, 30, e17186 (PDF)


VAUGHAN P. M., BIRD J. P., BRETAGNOLLE V., SHIRIHAI H., TENNYSON A. J. D., MISKELLY C. M., CLARKE R. H. A review of records and research actions for the poorly known Vanuatu Petrel Pterodroma [cervicalis] occulta. Bird Conservation International. 2024, 34, e9, 1–7 (PDF)