Publications 2024


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AMINIAN BIQUET J., TIXIER P., RICHARD G., SOEHNLEN M., THELLIER T., CARZON P., CLUA E., GUINET C. Toothed whale and shark depredation and bycatch in the longline fishery of French Polynesia. Fisheries Research. 2024, 271, 106928 (PDF)


BANDA S., PISTORIUS P., COLLET J., CORBEAU A., WEIMERSKIRCH H., PAJOT A., KEYS D. Z., ORGERET F. Gauging the threat: exposure and attraction of sooty albatrosses and white-chinned petrels to fisheries activities in the Southern Indian Ocean. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2024, 81, 75-85 (PDF)


BOETZL F. A., SPONSLER D., ALBRECHT M., BATARY P., BIRKHOFER K., KNAPP M., KRAUSS J., MAAS B., MARTIN E. A., SIRAMI C., SUTTER L., BERTRAND C., BOSEM BAILLOD A., BOTA G., BRETAGNOLLE V., BROTONS L., FRANK T., FUSSER M., GIRALT D., GONZALEZ E., HOF A. R., LUKA H., MARREC R., NASH M. A., NG K., PLANTEGENEST M., POULIN B., SIRIWARDENA G. M., TSCHARNTKE T., TSCHUMI M., VIALATTE A., VAN VOOREN L., ZUBAIR-ANJUM M., ENTLING M. H., STEFFAN-DEWENTER I., SCHIRMEL J. Distance functions of carabids in crop fields depend on functional traits, crop type and adjacent habitat: a synthesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2024, 291, (2014), 20232383 (PDF)


CHEVALLAY M., JEANNIARD DU DOT T., GOULET P., FONVIEILLE N., CRAIG C., PICARD B., GUINET C. Spies of the deep: An animal-borne active sonar and bioluminescence tag to characterise mesopelagic prey size and behaviour in distinct oceanographic domains. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. 2024, 203, 104214 (PDF)


GIMENO M., GIMENEZ J., CHIARADIA A., DAVIS L. S., SEDDON P. J., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., REISINGER R. R., COLL M., RAMIREZ F. Climate and human stressors on global penguin hotspots: Current assessments for future conservation. Global Change Biology. 2024, 30, (1), e17143 (PDF)


HOPE S. F., ANGELIER F. Effects of the temperature during embryonic development on adult reproduction and the phenotype of the second generation in zebra finches. Journal of Thermal Biology. 2024, 119, 103787 (PDF)


JOUMA’A J., ORGERET F., PICARD B., ROBINSON P. W., WEIMERSKIRCH H., GUINET C., COSTA D. P., BELTRAN R. S. Contrasting offspring dependence periods and diving development rates in two closely related marine mammal species. Royal Society Open Science. 2024, 11, 230666 (PDF)


LEWIN P. J., WYNN J., ARCOS J. M., AUSTIN R. E., BLAGROVE J., BOND S., CARRASCO G., DELORD K., FISHER-REEVES L., GARCIA D., GILLIES N., GUILFORD T., HAWKINS I., JAGGERS P., KIRK C., LOUZAO M., MAURICE L., McMINN M., MICOL T., MORFORD J., MORGAN G., MOSS J., MIQUEL RIERA E., RODRIGUEZ A., SIDDIQI-DAVIES K., WEIMERSKIRCH H., WYNN R. B., PADGET O. Climate change drives migratory range shift via individual plasticity in shearwaters. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). 2024, 121, (6), e2312438121 (PDF)


LOVERIDGE A., ELVIDGE C. D., KROODSMA D. A., WHITE T. D., EVANS K., KATO A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., SOMMERFELD J., TAKAHASHI A., PATCHETT R., ROBIRA B., RUTZ C., SIMS D. W. Context-dependent changes in maritime traffic activity during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Environmental Change. 2024, 84, 102773 (PDF)


MERLEAU L.-A., LOURDAIS O., OLIVIER A., VITTECOQ M., BLOUIN-DEMERS G., ALLIOT F., BURKART L., FOUCAULT Y., LERAY C., MIGNE E., GOUTTE A. Pesticide concentrations in a threatened freshwater turtle (Emys orbicularis): Seasonal and annual variation in the Camargue wetland, France. Environmental Pollution. 2024, 341, 122903 –


SUBASINGHE K., SYMONDS M. R. E., PROBER S. M., BONNET T., WILLIAMS K. J., WARE C., GARDNER J. L. Spatial variation in avian bill size is associated with temperature extremes in a major radiation of Australian passerines. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 2024, 291, (2015), 20232480 (PDF)