Publications 2022


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BALLOUARD J.-M., BONNET X., JOURDAN J., MARTINEZ-SILVESTRE A., GAGNO S., FERTARD B., CARON S. First detection of herpesvirus and prevalence of mycoplasma infection in free-ranging Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni), and in potential pet vectors. Peer Community Journal. 2022, 2, e5 (PDF)


BARBRAUD C., BAVOUX C., BURNELEAU G. The demography of an increasing insular Eurasian Scops Owl (Otus scops) population in western France. Ibis. 2022, 164, (1), 202-216 (PDF)


CHEREL Y., BOCHER P. Diet of the soft‑plumaged petrel (Pterodroma mollis) at Kerguelen Islands and a review of the food of gadfly petrels (Pterodroma spp.) worldwide. Marine Biology. 2022, 169, 31 (PDF)


CHERON M., COSTANTINI D., ANGELIER F., RIBOUT C., BRISCHOUX F. Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) alters oxidative status during embryonic development in an amphibian species. Chemosphere. 2022, 287, 131882 (PDF)


COTTE C., ARIZA A., BERNE A., HABASQUE J., LEBOURGES-DHAUSSY A., ROUDAUT G., ESPINASSE B., HUNT B.P.V., PAKHOMOV E.A., HENSCHKE N., PERON C., CONCHON A., KOEDOODER C., IZARD L., CHEREL Y. Macrozooplankton and micronekton diversity and associated carbon vertical patterns and fluxes under distinct productive conditions around the Kerguelen Islands. Journal of Marine Systems. 2022, 226, 103650 (PDF)


DELORD K., POUPART T., GASCO N., WEIMERSKIRCH H., BARBRAUD C. First evidence of migration across the South Pacific in endangered Amsterdam albatross and conservation implications. Marine Policy. 2022, 136, 104921 (PDF)


FARRAR V. S., HARRIS R. M., AUSTIN S. H., NAVA ULTRERAS B. M., BOOTH A. M., ANGELIER F., LANG A. S., FEUSTEL T., LEE C., BOND A., MACMANES M. D., CALISI R. M. Prolactin and prolactin receptor expression in the HPG axis and crop during parental care in both sexes of a biparental bird (Columba livia). General and Comparative Endocrinology. 2022, 315, 113940 (PDF)


FERRER OBIOL J., JAMES H. F., CHESSER R. T., BRETAGNOLLE V., GONZALEZ-SOLIS J., ROZAS J., WELCH A. J., RIUTORT M. Palaeoceanographic changes in the late Pliocene promoted rapid diversification in pelagic seabirds. Journal of Biogeography. 2022, 49, (1), 171-188 (PDF)


HOARAU M., ANGELIER F., TOUZALIN F., ZGIRSKI T., PARENTEAU C., LEGAGNEUX P. Corticosterone: foraging and fattening puppet master in pre-breeding greylag geese. Physiology and Behavior. 2022, 246, (3-4), 113666 (PDF)


MILLS W. F., IBAÑEZ A. E., BUSTAMANTE P., CARNEIRO A. P. B., BEARHOP S., CHEREL Y., MARIANO-JELICICH R., MCGILL R. A. R., MONTALTI D., VOTIER S. C., PHILLIPS R. A. Spatial and sex differences in mercury contamination of skuas in the Southern Ocean. Environmental Pollution. 2022, 297, 118841 (PDF)


QUEIPO-ABAD S., PEDRERO Z., MARCHAN-MORENO C., EL HANAFI K., BERAIL S., CORNS W. T., CHEREL Y., BUSTAMANTE P., AMOUROUX D. New insights into the biomineralization of mercury selenide nanoparticles through stable isotope analysis in giant petrel tissues. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2022, 425, 127922 (PDF)


REISINGER R. R., CORNEY S., RAYMOND B., LOMBARD A. T., BESTER M. N., CRAWFORD R. J. M., DAVIES D., DE BRUYN P. J. N., DILLEY B. J., KIRKMAN S. P., MAKHADO A. B., RYAN P. G., SCHOOMBIE S., STEVENS K. L., TOSH C. A., WEGE M., WHITEHEAD T. O., SUMNER M. D., WOTHERSPOON S., FRIEDLAENDER A. S., COTTE C., HINDELL M. A., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., PISTORIUS P. A. Habitat model forecasts suggest potential redistribution of marine predators in the southern Indian Ocean. Diversity and Distributions. 2022, 28, 142-158 (PDF)


UESAKA L., GOTO Y., YONEHARA Y., KOMATSU K., NARUOKA M., WEIMERSKIRCH H., SATO K., SAKAMOTO K. Q. Ocean wave observation utilizing motion records of seabirds. Progress in Oceanography. 2022, 200, 102713 –