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BELLOT P., BICHET C., BRISCHOUX F., FRITSCH C., HOPE S. F., QUESNOT A., ANGELIER F. Experimental investigation of the effect of tebuconazole on three biomarkers of innate immunity in the house sparrow (Passer domesticus). Ecotoxicology. 2024 –

BELLOT P., BRISCHOUX F., BUDZINSKI H., DUPONT S. M., FRITSCH C., HOPE S. F., MICHAUD B., PALLUD M., PARENTEAU C., PROUTEAU L., ROCCHI S., ANGELIER F. Chronic exposure to tebuconazole alters thyroid hormones and plumage quality in house sparrows (Passer domesticus). Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2023, In press (PDF)

BRETAGNOLLE V. Sortir de l’Anthropocène. Avec V. Tardieu. Editions du CNRS. 2020. Sous presse

BRISSON-CURADEAU E., BOST C.-A., CHEREL Y., ELIOTT K. King Penguins adjust foraging effort rather than diet when faced with poor foraging conditions. Ibis. 2023, (PDF)

FERNINI M., MENAD R., BELHOCINE M., LAKABI L., SMAÏ S., GERNIGON-SPYCHALOWICZ T., KHAMMAR F., BONNET X., EXBRAYAT J.-M., MOUDILOU E. Seasonal variations of testis anatomy and of G-coupled oestrogen receptor 1 expression in Gerbillus gerbillus. Anatomia Histologia Embrologia. 2023, In press (PDF)

GAY C., GABA S., BRETAGNOLLE V. The structure of plant–pollinator networks is affected by crop type in a highly intensive agricultural landscape. SSRN Electronic Journal. In press (PDF)

GILBERT L., SPITZ J., JEANNIARD DU DOT T. Pack-ice seals contribute to biological transfers of iron in the Southern Ocean. Polar Biology. In press (PDF)

GRAUX Y., QUEREJETA M., GABA S., BRETAGNOLLE V., BOYER S. A comparison of live versus kill pitfall traps to assess the diet of carabids through a metabarcoding approach. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 2023, In press (PDF)

LOMBARD LATUNE J., BERTHET E. T., FOUQUERAY T., SOUCHERE V., FRASCARIA-LACOSTE N. Analysing the potential of serious games to raise new research questions on social-ecological systems. Nature Sciences Sociétés. 2024, 32  (PDF)

LORRAIN-SOLIGON L. ROBIN F., PALIER S., LELONG V., JANKOVIC M., BRISCHOUX F. Life on the beach: Movements and growth of a coastal amphibian vary with distance to the sea. Journal of Zoology. In press (PDF)

LORRAIN-SOLIGON L., BIZON T., ROBIN F., JANKOVIC M., BRISCHOUX F. Variations of salinity during reproduction and development affect ontogenetic trajectories in a coastal amphibian. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2024, In press –

LORRAIN-SOLIGON L., PERISSE L., ROBIN F., JANKOVIC M., BRISCHOUX F. The costs of living on the coast: Reduction in body size and size-specific reproductive output in coastal populations of a widespread amphibian. Functional Ecology. 2023, In press (PDF)

MARASCO V., SMITH S., ANGELIER F. How does early-life adversity shape telomere dynamics during adulthood? Problems and paradigms. BioEssays. In press (PDF)

MOREAU J., MONCEAU K., GONNET G., PFIZER M., BRETAGNOLLE V. Organic farming positively affects the vitality of passerine birds in agricultural landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. In press

RUCK A., ÖCKINGER E., VAN DER WAL R., MAUCHLINE A., HOOD A., POTTS S., WALLIS DE VRIES M., GABA S., BRETAGNOLLE V. Deliverable D3.8 A review of existing MENARIO COSTAA W., KINGAB W. J., BONNETAC T., FESTA-BIANCHETAB M., KRUUKAD L. E. B. Early-life behavior, survival and maternal personality in a wild marsupial. Behavioral Ecology. In press

PALUMBO L., CARON S., BALLOUARD J.-M., BONNET X., RAMERY E., GILOT-FROMONT E., LARRAT S. Reduce, replace, refine: determining a posteriori reference intervals for biochemistry in Hermann’s Tortoise (Testudo hermanni). Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 2024 (PDF)

PELTIER H., LARAN S., DABIN W., DANIEL P., DARS C., DEMARET F., DOREMUS G., GENU M., MEHEUST E., SPITZ J., VAN CANNEYT O., RIDOUX V. From the sky and on the beaches: complementary tools to evaluate common dolphin bycatch in the Bay of Biscay. Endangered Species Research. 2024, –

RUTSCHMANN A., PERRY C., LE GALLIARD J.-F., DUPOUE A., LOURDAIS O., GUILLON M., BRUSCH IV G., COTE J., RICHARD M., CLOBERT J., MILES D. B. Ecological responses of squamate reptiles to nocturnal warming. Biological Reviews. In press (PDF)