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BANDA S., PISTORIUS P., COLLET J., CORBEAU A., WEIMERSKIRCH H., PAJOT A., KEYS D. Z., ORGERET F. Gauging the threat: exposure and attraction of sooty albatrosses and white-chinned petrels to fisheries activities in the Southern Indian Ocean. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2023, In press (PDF)

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BRETAGNOLLE V. Sortir de l’Anthropocène. Avec V. Tardieu. Editions du CNRS. 2020. Sous presse

BRISCHOUX F., LORRAIN-SOLIGON L. Anuran swingers: misdirected mating attempts occurred early during anuran diversification. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. In press (PDF)

BRISSON-CURADEAU E., BOST C.-A., CHEREL Y., ELIOTT K. King Penguins adjust foraging effort rather than diet when faced with poor foraging conditions. Ibis. 2023, (PDF)

BUSTAMANTE P., LE VERGE T., BOST C.-A., BRAULT-FAVROU M., LE CORRE M., WEIMERSKIRCH H., CHEREL Y. Mercury contamination in the tropical seabird community from Clipperton Island, eastern Pacific Ocean. Ecotoxicology. In press –

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GAY C., GABA S., BRETAGNOLLE V. The structure of plant–pollinator networks is affected by crop type in a highly intensive agricultural landscape. SSRN Electronic Journal. In press (PDF)

GILBERT L., SPITZ J., JEANNIARD DU DOT T. Pack-ice seals contribute to biological transfers of iron in the Southern Ocean. Polar Biology. In press (PDF)

LOMBARD LATUNE J., BERTHET E. T., FOUQUERAY T., SOUCHERE V., FRASCARIA-LACOSTE N. Analysing the potential of serious games to raise new research questions on social-ecological systems. Nature Sciences Sociétés. 2024, 32  (PDF)

LORRAIN-SOLIGON L., ROBIN F., BARBRAUD C., BRISCHOUX F. Some like it salty: Spatio-temporal dynamics of salinity differentially affect anurans and caudates in coastal wetlands. Freshwater Biology. 2023, In press (PDF)

LORRAIN-SOLIGON L., PERISSE L., ROBIN F., JANKOVIC M., BRISCHOUX F. The costs of living on the coast: Reduction in body size and size-specific reproductive output in coastal populations of a widespread amphibian. Functional Ecology. 2023, In press (PDF)

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MOHRING B., ÖST M., JAATINEN K., PARENTEAU C., GRIMAUD E., ANGELIER F. Breeding under pressure: Corticosterone is associated with reproductive investment under fluctuating predation risk in a long‐lived sea duck. Functional Ecology. In press (PDF)

REID K., BAKER G. B., DELORD K. Ecological risk assessment in the southern Indian Ocean: Towards better seabird bycatch mitigation. Aquatic Conservation : Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. In press (PDF)

ROMILLAC N., PIUTTI S., SLEZACK-DESCHAUMES S., GABA S. Intraspecific functional trait variation in weeds: A strategy in response to competition with crop and weed plants. Weed Research. 2023, In press –

RUCK A., ÖCKINGER E., VAN DER WAL R., MAUCHLINE A., HOOD A., POTTS S., WALLIS DE VRIES M., GABA S., BRETAGNOLLE V. Deliverable D3.8 A review of existing MENARIO COSTAA W., KINGAB W. J., BONNETAC T., FESTA-BIANCHETAB M., KRUUKAD L. E. B. Early-life behavior, survival and maternal personality in a wild marsupial. Behavioral Ecology. In press

SUN R., BARBRAUD C., WEIMERSKIRCH H., DELORD K., PATRICK S. C., CASWELL H., JENOUVRIER S. Causes and consequences of pair-bond disruption in a sex-skewed population of a long-lived monogamous seabird. Ecological Monographs. In press (PDF)