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BARBRAUD C., DELORD K. Multistate capture-mark-recapture data used to estimate demographic parameters and fitness metrics of wandering albatrosses (males and females), snow petrels (males and females) and southern fulmars with E-SURGE in the article « Selection against immigrants in wild seabird populations ». Ecology Letters. In press

BRETAGNOLLE V. Sortir de l’Anthropocène. Avec V. Tardieu. Editions du CNRS. 2020. Sous presse

CATARINO R., BRETAGNOLLE V., PERROT T., VIALLOUX F. A Nature-based solution in practice: ecological and economic modelling shows pollinators outperform agrochemicals in oilseed crop production. BIORXIV. In press (PDF)

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ESTANDIA A., CHESSER R. T., JAMES H. F., LEVY M. A., FERRER OBIOL J., BRETAGNOLLE V., GONZALEZ-SOLIS J., WELCH A. J. Substitution rate variation in a robust procellariiform seabird phylogeny is not solely explained by body mass, flight efficiency, population size or life history traits. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)

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GARDNER B. R., ARNOULD J. P. Y., HUFSCHMID J., MCINTOSH R. R., FROMANT A., TADEPALLI M., STENOS J. Understanding the zoonotic pathogen, Coxiella burnetii in Australian fur seal breeding colonies through environmental DNA and genotyping. Wildlife Research. In press (PDF)

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MARREC R., GROSS N., BADENHAUSSER I., DUPEYRON A., CARO G., BRETAGNOLLE V., RONCORONI M., GAUFFRE B. Functional traits of carabid beetles reveal seasonal variation in community assembly in annual crops. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)

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QUEREJETA M., LEFORT M.-C., BRETAGNOLLE V., BOYER S. Metabarcoding faecal samples to investigate spatiotemporal variation in the diet of the endangered Westland petrel (Procellaria westlandica). Peer Community in Ecology. In press (PDF)

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