Photo contest 2019

Tribute to biodiversity

As part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the CEBC and the 80th anniversary of the CNRS, we have created a photo contest whose objective is to valorize, through photography, the work of its teams. Indeed, beautiful images are a powerful tool to raise public awareness of the richness of biodiversity and its protection.
The CEBC staff (researchers, engineers, technicians), but also the many students, our collaborators and partners, are passionate about Nature. Some of them develop a taste for photography and bring back amazing images from their “field” season. On the environment they study, they bring poetic and aesthetic views.
We presented the photos of the participants to a jury of renowned professionals and naturalists. Discover the gallery of the winners of our 1st edition (2019). We are currently preparing the 2021 edition with an opening of the candidatures to all the observers of the biodiversity that we study at the station.

Photo contest CEBC 2019Regulation

1er Prix toutes catégories : Tobie GETTI – Manchots royaux à Ratmanoff (Kerguelen)

Would you like to participate in the next edition?

This photo contest was created by Cécile Ribout, a study engineer at the CEBC. The next edition is scheduled for autumn 2020. For any information request please write to