What agriculture for tomorrow?

The relationship between agriculture and biodiversity is at the heart of the Résilience team’s research. Population regulation, community assembly, sustainable management of natural resources, identification of innovative cropping systems that reconcile, in cereal agro-ecosystems, agricultural production, socio-economic needs and preservation of biodiversity in all its facets (heritage, ordinary and functional), or finally citizen-nature links, are thus our main research themes. Considerable societal challenges currently surround agricultural areas: reducing the negative consequences and externalities of this activity on the environment (biodiversity, water, public health), responding to the challenge of global change, while continuing to produce in sufficient quantity and quality to meet growing human food demand. We are focusing our research on an alternative to the prevailing productivist model, under the concept of agro-ecology.

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The team

Sabrina Gaba

Director of Research INRAE

Elsa Berthet

Research Officer at La Rochelle University

Vincent Bretagnolle

Director of Research CNRS

Corinne Coislier

Technicienne INRAE

Jean-Luc Gautier

Technicien INRAE

Sylvie Houte

Research Engineer CNRS

Karine Monceau

Lecturer at La Rochelle University

Jérôme Moreau

HDR Lecturer at the University of Burgundy

Students and Post-docs

Audrey Bailly

PhD student

Louis Boizot

Guest researcher

Laura Bonnefond

PhD student

Yves Cartailler

PhD student

Léa Demay

PhD student

Elva Fuentes

PhD student

Ambroise Leroy

PhD student

Mona Moreau

PhD student

Thomas Perrot

Guest researcher