A research station
in the forest

The CNRS is the owner of the buildings of the former military camp, spread over 3 ha of land and converted into 2000 m² of laboratories (25 offices), 2000 m² of outbuildings (animal husbandry, workshops, garages) and 1000 m² of reception (1 conference room with 150 seats, a restaurant with 200 seats, living areas for trainees). A team of technicians ensures its maintenance and participates in research programs.
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Green spaces

Maintenance of the 3,000 m² of green and wooded area that respects biodiversity


Fitting out of offices, bedrooms and library. Heating with wood.

Car fleet

Fleet management and maintenance. Several electric cars.

Technical Support

Development of scientific tools and equipment, including their installation in the field

In a dedicated building

One of the last CNRS restaurants in France

The Centre is fortunate to still have a “directly managed CNRS restaurant”. The CNRS restaurant thus welcomes not only the CEBC staff and the staff of 5 organisations present on the site, but also about 350 student trainees and guests of the various seminars organised each year.
The catering service is autonomous.
For everyone’s pleasure, Christophe Coiffet and Arnaud Viollet prepare fresh cuisine every day, taking care to use organically farmed food from the short circuits.
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The library

The library is an essential tool for students and researchers. Its mission is to develop electronic journals, to manage book orders and to collect all the scientific documents issued in the laboratory

IT Service

Due to its geographical location, the CEBC is completely autonomous with regard to its internal network structure and is directly connected to the RENATER network. On this network, the workstations are connected via copper cabling

Meeting Rooms

The Chizé Centre for Biological Studies has 3 meeting rooms equipped with video projectors and overhead projectors. It is possible to rent these rooms from Delphine Bonnet

Visitors, students

Live on site!

Some of the buildings in the military camp have been converted into lodgings. Single or double rooms, recently renovated, the CEBC’s rooms welcome you on campus, for a very reasonable price.
Visitors staying on site have access to a shared kitchen and restaurant. To book a room please contact Delphine Bonnet

Living on the campus