Biological analyses

An analysis platform for wildlife

The bioanalytical service has a central place in the history of the CEBC. In the 1970s, the CEBC, then a physiology laboratory, was renowned for its expertise in mammalian endocrinology. From the 1980s onwards, the CEBC changed its scientific orientation by developing themes centred on the ecology of wild animals, i.e. the way in which these species adapt to their environment. In spite of this thematic shift, the analysis service has retained its know-how in endocrinology and has adapted it to these particular study models. The platform has thus broadened its field of expertise and has specialised in hormonal analyses (e.g. immunological assays) and molecular biology analyses on wildlife. It currently offers a whole range of measurements routinely performed by the technical team, as well as expertise, skills and access to tools that are in line with the unit’s scientific projects. Within renovated and modern facilities, the platform is equipped with recent and high-performance equipment funded by the French government (CNRS, INEE), the New Aquitaine region and Europe (CPER Econat) and funding agencies (e.g. ANR).

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The team

Frédéric Angelier

Director of Research

Charline Parenteau

Study Engineer Technical Manager

Cécile Ribout

 Study Engineer Molecular Biology

Emmanuelle Grimaud

Biochemistry Technician

Marie Pallud

Research and Development Technician