CEBC teams are involved in several observatory systems. Their work is based on long-term monitoring data.


All T/S data are made available through the MEOP International Ocean Profile Access Portal, which brings together data collected by marine animal divers worldwide.
Contact: Baptiste Picard


Seabird and marine mammals are sentinels of global changes in marine ecosystems of the Southern Ocean. Through a network of four sites ranging from the Antarctic to the subtropical environment, the project has been collecting long-term data for over 60 years on more than 30 species of marine predators. Contact: Karine Delord

Gestion Sylvicole

Long-term monitoring of bats in the Chizé forest.This programme focuses on bats, some species of which are related to old forest stands. These bat populations are valuable on a French scale.
Contact: David Pinaud


Atlas of top predators of the French territories of the Southern Indian Ocean.
EPIV 109 and 394 programmes
Download the ATLAS
Contact :Karine Delord