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BALLOUARD J.-M., CONORD M., JOHANY A., JARDE N., CARON S., DELEUZE S., BONNET X. Is popularity a double-edged sword? Children want to protect but also harvest tortoises. Journal of Environmental Education. In press


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JENOUVRIER S., AUBRY L., VAN DAALEN S., BARBRAUD C., WEIMERSKIRCH H, CASWELL H. When the going gets tough, the tough get going: effect of extreme climate on an Antarctic seabird’s life history. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)


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LORMEE H., BARBRAUD C., PEACH W., CARBONERAS C., LEBRETON J.-D., MORENO-ZARATE L., BACON L., ERAUD C. Assessing the sustainability of harvest of the European Turtle-dove along the European western flyway. Bird Conservation International. In press (PDF)


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RUTSCHMANN A., ROZEN‐RECHELS D., DUPOUE A., BLAIMONT P., DE VILLEMEREUIL P., MILES D. B., RICHARD M., CLOBERT J. Climate dependent heating efficiency in the common lizard. Ecology and Evolution. 2020, In press (PDF)


RUTZ C., LORETTO M.-C., BATES A. E., DAVIDSON S. C., DUARTE C. M., JETZ W., JOHNSON M., KATO A., KAYS R., MUELLER T., PRIMACK R. B., ROPERT-COUDERT Y., TUCKER M. A., WIKELSKI M., CAGNACCI F. COVID-19 lockdown allows researchers to quantify the effects of human activity on wildlife. Reduced human mobility during the pandemic will reveal critical aspects of our impact on animals, providing important guidance on how best to share space on this crowded planet. Nature Ecology & Evolution. In press (PDF)


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SOUCHAY G., BARBRAUD C., GERMAIN C., BECHET A. Dispersal-dependent juvenile survival in a sexually dimorphic long-lived bird, the Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus. BiorXiv. In press (PDF)


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THIEBOT J., BOST C., POUPART T. A., FILIPPI D., WAUGH S. M. Extensive use of the high seas by Vulnerable Fiordland Penguins across non-breeding stages. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 2020, In press (PDF


TOMOVIC L., ARSOVSKI D., GOLUBOVIC A., BONNET X. Inside the shell: body composition of free-ranging tortoises (Testudo hermanni). Zoology. In press (PDF)


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TOURNAYRE O., LEUCHTMANN M., GALAN M., TRILLAT M., PIRY S., PINAUD D., FILIPPI-CODACCIONI O., PONTIER D., CHARBONNEL N. eDNA metabarcoding reveals a core and secondary diets of the greater horseshoe bat with strong spatio-temporal plasticity. BioRxiv. In press (PDF)