Charline Parenteau

Biotechnology Engineer

Recognized for her expertise and the quality of her work, Charline Parenteau is a key member of the Centre d’études biologiques de Chizé (CEBC). Thanks to her human and organizational qualities, she efficiently manages the joint biological analysis service, whose skills in the field of physiological, biochemical and molecular analyses are nationally and internationally recognized. This laboratory is one of the few worldwide that can measure plasma concentrations of steroid hormones and proteins in a multitude of small wild vertebrate species (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians). In parallel with the management of this platform, Charline Parenteau is also very involved in its development and enhancement. She is continuously working on the implementation of new processes in order to extend the range of analyses required for the unit’s research programmes and to propose high-performance tools, in line with the various study models. Charline Parenteau’s activities are thus essential to the proper conduct of research conducted by the CEBC and its partners on the ecology and ecophysiology of wild vertebrates. Translated with (free version) Research Engineer CNRS- Deputy Director of the CEBC Technical Manager of the Biological Analysis Laboratory Crystal Medal CNRS 2017 charline.parenteau(at) Tel +33 (0)