David Pinaud

Spatial analysis, statistics and modelling

Studies at the CEBC focus on understanding the ecology of wild animals in their natural environment. This involves identifying the processes that regulate the dynamics of biodiversity, from the adaptation of individuals to the regulation of populations and the structuring of communities. Most of these processes are sensitive to the heterogeneity of the environment. A spatialized approach is therefore essential, and indeed explicitly present in the programmes of the laboratory’s three teams. This taking into account of the spatial component calls for specific analyses and statistics (e.g. geostatistics), as well as specific computer tools (Geographic Information Systems).

Within the common service “Spatial Statistics and Analysis, Databases”, I intervene transversally at the CEBC by supporting the research programs of the three teams in the field of spatial analysis and statistics, but also by training the staff in this field and by developing new analysis techniques.

CNRS Research Engineer – Head of the “Statistics, Spatial Analysis, Databases” department.
In charge of the organisation of university internships (Poitiers, La Rochelle) on the field station.
Tel +33 (0)

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