Matthias Renoirt

Influence of Habitat on the Ecology and Physiology of the Spiny Toad (Bufo spinosus)

Anthropogenic activities are considered to be the main driver of current biodiversity loss. In this context, I am interested in how the agricultural environment can influence the ecology and physiology of wildlife. Amphibians are particularly well suited to explore these issues and I am working specifically on the spiny toad (Bufo spinosus) present in forested areas but also in highly degraded agricultural environments. To compare forest and agricultural populations, I use a wide range of markers to examine population structure (micro-satellite markers), feeding ecology (stable isotopes), individual quality (hormones, telomeres) and its impact on reproduction (fecundity, tadpole quality). This work takes place in the field (South Deux-Sèvres) and in the laboratory.

PhD student in the ECOPHY  team- 2019 – 2022
PhD supervisors: François Brischoux & Frédéric Angelier
La Rochelle Doctoral School
Funding: Deux-Sèvres Departmental Council, New Aquitaine Region, Adour-Garonne Water Agency

Tel +33 (0)659059795