Marie Pallud

Ecophysiology to understand environmentals challenges

With a strong experience of 8 years in different research laboratories, my skills include a range of analytical methods focused on ecotoxicology.
Since the end of 2018, I put these skills serving the biological analysis platform of CEBC as a research and development technician. Our role is to support the research project of CEBC while answering the analytical needs of researchers and their collaborator as well as by offering them new technics in line with thematic and technological developments.

My missions consist of carrying out various analyzes, optimizing them and developing new methods to participate in the continuous improvement of the service and answer the needs of research teams.
I’m in charge of analyzes on both the biochemistry and the molecular biology part. More specifically, I’m referent for:
– Pipituary hormones measure (prolactin, LH) by RIA
– Thyroid hormones measure (T3, T4) by RIA
– Hormones measure by ELISA (DHT, Delta 4, T4)
– Telomere measure by Southern Blot

Research and Development Technician
Biological Analysis Platform