Elsa Daniaud

Animal monitoring and implementation of experiments

My job consists of maintaining the animals and carrying out daily operations (changing, distributing food and water, observing behaviour):

– Handling the animals and carrying out interventions such as measurements, sampling and other observations according to established protocols.
– To control and maintain environmental parameters (light, temperature, hygrometry) with a view to constantly improving animal welfare.
– Monitor the health status of the animals and administer treatments if necessary in conjunction with the referring veterinarian
– Monitor the animal housing facilities, provide first level care and maintenance of the facilities and equipment.
– Administrative follow-up of work on wildlife in captivity and in the field
– Follow-up of the administrative records of the user establishment (movement log book, management of the entry/exit of animals)
– Follow-up of authorisation procedures for projects using animals for scientific purposes (APAFIS)
– Applications to the Ministry of the Environment for authorisations to capture wildlife – Participation in the unit’s animal welfare structure
– Participation in the regional ethics committee
– Managing stocks and orders
– Manage waste disposal according to their category

Research and Development Technician
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