Locate predators

In a rapidly changing world, areas that deserve protection from current and future threats must be identified. An article published this week in the journal Nature (accompanied by a Data Paper in the journal Scientific Data) describes a new solution to this problem, using monitoring data from birds and marine mammals.

Agro-ecology put to the test

Experienced with farmers, conventional and organic, agro-ecology works, but not enough to make them take the plunge.La Croix

Feeding Adélie penguins

For the first time in 2016-17 and 2017-18, a team was able to acquire data on the feeding voyages at sea of Adélie penguins from the Cape Bienvenue colony, located 24 km east of the intensely studied Petrel Island colony.

Scientific results

Routing your predator with bioluminescence, a double-edged strategy