Charles-André Bost

Optimization of food research in seabirds

My work is in the field of behavioural ecology, with the main theme being the optimization of food research in diving marine predators (penguins, cormorants). Research is mainly conducted in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, within the framework of the polar research program I am in charge of, the “Birds Diving” program, financially supported by the French Polar Institute (IPEV) since 2002.

My work is carried out using a “biologging” and multidisciplinary approach to study the behaviour of birds at sea according to the physical and biotic characteristics of the ocean environment. On the applied level, they concern behavioural responses to climate variability and resource availability, and the conservation of marine predators.

Research Director CNRS –
Head of the Marine Predators team –
Head of the Diving Bird programme
Co-director of the ECOMM Chair of Excellence
Tel + 33 (0)5 49 09 96 09

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