Marianna Chimienti

Ecology of movement

I am a quantitative ecologist, driven by a desire to advance the research fields of ecology, movement ecology, habitat conservation and species monitoring. I have worked with a variety of species, from Arctic and Northern Hemisphere seabirds to Arctic terrestrial mammals, Mediterranean marine turtles and soon Antarctic species! In general, I focus on research questions related to animal movement processes, their responses to environmental change and their link to population dynamics and life cycle strategies. I use biological data (e.g., accelerometers, GPS beacons, or SRDLs) to understand how, where, when and why animals move. My goal is to quantify the energy expenditure associated with different activities and environments and to understand how behaviour can influence fitness, survival and space use in different populations. I love coding, modeling, I dive into statistical and individual modeling, but ask me to come out in the field with you, and I’ll be the happiest person on the planet! I am joining the CNRS laboratory in Chizé with an individual Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowship, which focuses my research questions on the impact of changes in the availability of marine resources on reproductive success, feeding behaviour of predators, decision making and habitat use.

Marie Curie fellowship – Marine Predators team mariannachimienti(at) CV