Sabrina Gaba

Promoting sustainable and resilient agriculture

My work addresses issues related to the functioning of agro-ecosystems with the aim of providing knowledge to promote sustainable and resilient agriculture.
I am interested in different aspects of ecology to understand how cropping systems and the heterogeneity of agricultural landscapes affect the dynamics of biodiversity and associated functions, and the provision of ecosystem services in agro-ecosystems.

I study:
– how ecological processes and anthropogenic factors interact to determine species assemblages; – how global changes affect ecosystem processes and services;
– how ecosystem services interact in the agricultural landscape;
– how landscapes can be managed to provide bundles of ecosystem services taking into account the trade-offs between crop production, pollination, biological control and biodiversity conservation;
– how to ensure agricultural production and farm economic performance.

Research Director INRAE – AGRIPOP
Tel +33 (0)

Zone Atelier Plaine et Val de Sèvre