Thomas Perrot

Role and decline of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes

My research quantifies the importance of biodiversity in agricultural production through its functions (pollination, natural pest control, etc.). I am also interested in understanding how landscape changes (reduction of permanent grasslands, etc.) and changes in agricultural practices (fertilization, pesticides) contribute to the decline in biodiversity in these agricultural landscapes.

More specifically, as part of my post-doctorate at the Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité, my work aims to understand the role of neonicotinoids in the decline of biodiversity in France. This work aims to characterize the temporal and spatial evolution of the use of these insecticides, their links with the contamination of terrestrial and aquatic environments, and with the population dynamics of several taxa (birds, insects, etc.).

The aim of this work is to participate in the development of innovative agricultural systems that reconcile biodiversity and agricultural production.

Post-doctoral fellow at the Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité – Equipe RÉSILIENCE