Frédéric Angelier

Global Changes, Stress, and Aging in Birds

My research is aimed at understanding and predicting the responses of vertebrate populations to environmental perturbations (global changes) using an ecophysiological approach, based primarily on the mechanisms of stress, allostasis and aging. The objectives of my work are (1) to explore the functional role that these mechanisms play in the response of vertebrates to environmental disturbances, and (2) to use knowledge of these mechanisms to understand the impact of environmental disturbances on vertebrates and (3) to assess their ability to adjust to these disturbances. To achieve this goal, my research relies not only on field ecophysiology but also on the use of experimental approaches in natura and under controlled conditions. This work is mainly based on the use of physiological (e.g. hormone levels) and molecular (e.g. telomere length) markers.

CNRS Research Fellow – ECOPHY Team Scientific Head of the Biological Analysis Laboratory
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Within this framework, and using these ecophysiological tools, my research work focuses more particularly on :

1 The influence of urbanisation on wild birds  URBASTRESS Program


2. The influence of pesticides on birds living in wine-growing areas (VITIBIRD Programme)

3. The influence of environmental change on polar seabirds (ORNITHOECO and ORNITHO-ENDOCRINO Program)