Behind the scenes of a scientific mission following Adélie’s penguins

The intensification of the frequency of extreme climatic events could have very important ecological consequences on this species, as the reproduction cycle and feeding of Adelie penguins are closely linked to ice conditions. Lire la suite

Dynamic marine areas take climate change into account

A study published in “Nature” suggests a regular review of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean to ensure the continued protection of ecologically significant areas over time and space. Lire la suite

Covid-19 containment reveals human impact on wildlife

An international team of scientists is studying how animals respond to reduced human activity during the Covid-19 pandemic. In an article published on June 22, 2020 in Nature Ecology & Evolution, the scientists in charge of this new global initiative, “COVID-19 bio-logging initiative”, explain how research during this devastating health crisis can inspire innovative strategies…
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Weeds at the service of agriculture

Two recent studies from the Disco-Weed project demonstrate the key role of weeds in the functioning of agricultural ecosystems. They also identify the measures to be implemented to promote their presence in the plots without harming agricultural production. The Disco-Weed research project was funded by the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) and carried out…
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Marine indicators of ecological change

For half a century, the Centre d’études biologiques de Chizé (CEBC) has been interested in the ecophysiology of marine predators. La Croix

Locate predators

In a rapidly changing world, areas that deserve protection from current and future threats must be identified. An article published this week in the journal Nature (accompanied by a Data Paper in the journal Scientific Data) describes a new solution to this problem, using monitoring data from birds and marine mammals.

Agro-ecology put to the test

Experienced with farmers, conventional and organic, agro-ecology works, but not enough to make them take the plunge.La Croix

Feeding Adélie penguins

For the first time in 2016-17 and 2017-18, a team was able to acquire data on the feeding voyages at sea of Adélie penguins from the Cape Bienvenue colony, located 24 km east of the intensely studied Petrel Island colony.

Scientific results

Routing your predator with bioluminescence, a double-edged strategy