Publications 2021

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LEMAIRE J., BUSTAMANTE P., MARQUIS O., CAUT S., BRISCHOUX F. Influence of sex, size and trophic level on blood Hg concentrations in Black caiman, Melanosuchus niger (Spix, 1825) in French Guiana. Chemosphere. 2021, 262, 127819 (PDF)


PELOSI C., BERTRAND C., DANIELE G., COEURDASSIER M., BENOIT P., NELIEU S., LAFAY F., BRETAGNOLLE V., GABA S., VULLIET E., FRITSCH C. Residues of currently used pesticides in soils and earthworms: A silent threat? Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 2021, 305, 107167 (PDF)


RENEDO M., PEDRERO Z., AMOUROUX D., CHEREL Y., BUSTAMANTE P. Mercury isotopes of key tissues document mercury metabolic processes in seabirds. Chemosphere. 2020, 263, 127777  (PDF)


THIBON F., WEPPE L., VIGIER N., CHURLAUD C., LACOUE-LABARTHE T., METIAN M., CHEREL Y., BUSTAMANTE P. Large-scale survey of lithium concentrations in marine organisms. Science of the Total Environment. 2021, 751, 141453 (PDF)